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Top 10 Natural Treatments For Epstein Barr Virus

Top 10 Natural Treatments For Epstein Barr Virus

Epstein Barr virus (EBV) is also widely known as mono (mononucleosis) or chronic fatigue syndrome. The symptoms of this virus can vary from person to person. This virus belongs to the herpes family of viruses and is entered in cell of the body and gets replicated causing mononucleosis or chronic fatigue syndrome. The EBV or Epstein Barr viruses are now found throughout the world infecting infant, teenagers and adults. It is transmitted through contact, saliva and sneeze. So just to prevent these viruses from entering your body refrain from using utensils, glasses, or clothes of any infected person. Besides these preventive measures here are some natural remedies which will prevent and cure Epstein Barr viruses or (EBV). People suffering from EBV can have different symptoms, and those symptoms can be severely sore throat which seems hard to recover, other symptoms include weakness and fatigue.

Here Are The Top 10 Natural Treatments For Epstein Barr Virus :

1. Larrea Tridentata

This herb has shown tremendous promise in the initial phase of medical testing for natural treatment of EBV. The concentrated leaf resin of Larrea has shown high amount of antioxidant and anti-viral activity. This clearly means that the resin can thwart virus growth. The Larrea is available in oral dietary supplement, spray, and lotion forms for the usage of the patients. It has been found to be an effective way of naturally treating EBV.

Larrea Tridentata

2. Olive Leaf Extract

The olive leaves are very active ingredients and antibiotic. It is a natural but an effective medicine to cure virus infection. It strengthens immunity and inhibits the entry of viruses in the body.

Olive Leaf Extract

3. Fresh Raw Carrot Juice

Carrot contains vitamin A which is good for immunity of body. Hence try to take one glass of carrot juice every morning and increase your immune system against EBV.

Fresh Raw Carrot Juice

4. Adequate Rest

The best natural treatment is bed rest. Today’s highly hectic life is not letting us live our life in a proper way. We just have to keep running around and the immunity of the body is getting weakened due to it. A healthy body is a fit one and can fight against viruses causing many diseases. Hence take adequate amount of bed rest to keep your body fit.

Adequate Rest

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5. Drink Lots Of Water

The water helps body to flush away the toxic agents of the body produced by viruses. The continuous flow of water in and out of the body is very essential even for a healthy person and more so for the ill one’s. Hence drink as much water as you can.

Take Plenty Of Water

6. Lemon And Garlic Juice

If you are showing up the symptoms of EBV than start taking the lemon and garlic juice to prevent virus for further infection. Garlic is always has a medicinal quality as well as the lemon has vitamin c which provide immunity to body.

Lemon And Garlic Juice

7. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid which can be converted into monolauric acid inside the body and act as antivirus to kill Epstein Barr virus. Hence the use of coconut oil in place of vegetable oil is suggested for people suffering with the EBV.

Coconut Oil

8. Herbal Tea

Herbal tea also protects you from viruses by keeping your body system immune, this herbal tea is prepared by adding burdock, ginseng cayenne pepper and Goldenseal root in 2 cups of boiling water.

Herbal Tea

9. Licorice Roots

Licorice roots can be taken as a hot tea; it not only relieves the sour throat but also fights against the Epstein Barr virus.

Licorice Roots

10. Ginger

It is an inflammatory soothing agent as well as strengthen the immune system of the human body .You can take ginger with soup, juice and hot tea as per your personal preference.