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Top 10 Tips To Prevent Bladder Infections

Top 10 Tips To Prevent Bladder Infections

How often do you feel a burning sensation while urinating? Bladder infections can cause discomfort by creating an urge to frequently visit the washroom, experience a burning sensation while urinating or having cramps in the lower abdomen. Once cured, they can also come back if proper precautions are not taken. They are more likely in women and the bacteria causing the infection is E. coli and it usually spreads when this gastrointestinal bacteria attaches itself to the walls of the urethra and starts multiplying. Though it cannot be totally avoided but simple steps taken can prevent the onset of bladder infections.

Tips To Avoid Bladder Infections Are:

Drink Water

Drinking enough water helps to keep the body hydrated and helps in combating the bacteria from breeding in the bladder. Water flushes out the bacteria in the bladder and prevents it from spreading to cause an infection.


Lower Back Care

If you suffer from lower back ailments or have an improper posture, it is most likely for you to develop UTIs. Lower back stress weakens the nerves and muscles in the pelvis and increasing the susceptibility to infection. Avoid lifting heavy items and high heels that lead to an improper posture which can further damage nerves that maintain urinary flow leading to bladder infections.

Relieve Lower Back Pain

Cranberry And Blueberry Juice

Persons who are susceptible to bladder infections should take these juices regularly. These juices contain an antioxidant compound called epicatechin that can prevent UTI. The proanthocyanidins(PACs) in cranberry affects the E. coli cells and prevents it from attaching to the bladder lining. It then flushes it along with itself and prevents the onset of infections.

Cranberry Juice

Do Not Curb The Urge To Urinate

When there is an urge to visit the washroom, it should not be avoided. This habit of controlling urine can weaken the overloaded bladder and make it an easy ground for the attack of bacteria.

Urinary Tract Infection

Proper Bathroom Hygiene

It is good to have proper toilet manners and one should wipe from front to back and not the other way round so as to prevent the bacteria of the rectum from getting access to the bladder. Also, wash your hands after using the toilet, and clean the private areas well while taking a bath.

Keeps Bathroom Fresh

Vitamin C Intake

Some people take vitamin C supplements of increase the intake of vitaminC rich foods in their diet to increase the germ-fighting capacity of the body.

Vitamin C

Strengthen The Pelvic Muscles

The bladder muscles should be strong enough to prevent the germs from breeding in their lining. For this, a number of core strengthening exercises can be done. An expert’s help can be taken who will give proper guidance on what exercises should be performed to strengthen the pelvic muscles.


Yogurt is rich in probiotic activities and allows the growth of the good bacteria in the gut. These good bacteria can fight the bad bacterial effects and minimize the infections in spreading in the bladder.


Avoid Sugars And Beverages

Intake of tea, coffee, and sodas in excess can irritate the bladder and cause infections. Similarly, germs love sugar as it provides the breeding ground for bacteria and immediately spreads infections.

sugar foods

Women’s Hygiene

Women who use tampons should remove them before urinating as it can lead to the spreading of infections. Moreover, one should watch the color of urine, and if it gets darker, we should immediately take measures to avoid germs from spreading further.

Warm bath