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Top 10 Ways To Lighten Dark Skin On Hands And Feet

Top 10 Ways To Lighten Dark Skin On Hands And Feet

Sunlight exposure makes the skin of our body dark colored. Our hands and feet are the most vulnerable body parts that become dark due to sunlight. Many of us just pay attention to the beauty of your face while neglecting the limbs. It is important to look after hands and feet also. The skin becomes dark when melanin forms due to sunlight. Dark limbs don’t look so good so you should take steps to lighten hands and feet. Light colored fair skin looks beautiful and nice. Don’t feel embarrassed if the skin is dark. Use natural remedies for making the limbs fair. We will explain some easy remedies for this.

Following Are The Top 10 Ways To Lighten Dark Skin On Hands And Feet:

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a natural product that can help you in getting fair skin. Apply aloe gel on limbs with a massaging movement. Rub the skin very gently for five minutes. Wait for some time and then wash the skin.

Aloe vera juice

2. Orange

Orange is a citrus fruit with Vitamin C, a nutrient that makes hands and feet light in color. Rub orange juice on limbs for half an hour. Use cotton for applying the juice. Wash the skin using lukewarm water. Always use fresh juice for this remedy. Do the remedy once in seven days.


3. Turmeric

Turmeric is a useful spice that can make the skin fair and light in color. Add lemon juice to turmeric. Mix well both ingredients. Apply on hands and feet for thirty minutes. After that, you can wash the skin. You should do the remedy every day one time.

Turmeric Powder

4. Vitamin E

Vitamin E can help in making the limbs light colored. Extract liquid inside Vitamin E capsule. To this, you should mix little amount of milk cream. Rub the mixture very gently on hands and feet. Wash the skin after five minutes.

Vitamin E Oil

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5. Tomato

Tomato has ingredients with bleaching properties and it can lighten your hands and feet. Mix tomato juice with double amount of buttermilk. Apply on skin using cotton. Wash the skin after forty minutes. It will also cure sunburn and tan. Do the remedy once every seven days.


6. Lemon

Lemon can make the skin fair when used along with salt. Add salt to halved piece of lemon. Scrub the skin with it. Salt helps in exfoliating hands and feet while removing dirt and dead cells from the skin. Lemon juice makes the skin light due to its bleaching properties.

Lemon Juice

7. Yogurt

Yogurt has the ability to lighten skin color due to lactic acid present in it. Apply yogurt on hands and feet with a rubbing movement. Wait for some time and then wash the skin using slightly warm water. Adding honey to yogurt and applying on skin for ten minutes will give further benefits. Wash the skin at last.


8. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used for lightening the color of hands and feet. Dilute the vinegar by mixing water in it. The amount of both liquids should be the same. Apply the liquid on limbs. Wait until it becomes dry. It will prevent skin infection and make the skin light.

Apple Cider Vinegar

9. Potato Juice

Potato juice can turn dark skin of hands and feet into light colored skin. Rub potato on your limbs especially on elbows. Apart from feet, you can also rub the potato on knees. Wash the skin after ten minutes using lukewarm water.

Potato Juice

10. Almonds

Crushed almonds are very useful for lightening the skin color. Add yogurt to almonds mixing both ingredients well. Apply on hands and feet with a rubbing movement. Wash the skin after ten minutes. It will make your skin fair.