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Top 12 Reasons For Using Cumin Seeds

Cumin seed is a tiny oblong and ridged spice with a bitter flavor and peppery taste. It is used for flavoring food. It is used in Indian and Mexican dishes. The seeds are used in whole or powder form. It is used for making curry powder. The seed contains high amounts of nutrients including Iron, copper and phosphorus. Cumin seeds have medicinal properties and it helps in healing many types of diseases. We will tell you about some benefits of this spice.

Following Are The Top 12 Reasons For Using Cumin Seeds:

1. Digestion Problems

If you suffer from indigestion and other digestion problems, you can use cumin seeds for curing these problems. Boil the seeds in water. Add coriander leaf juice. Flavor the drink with little salt. It will improve digestion while curing problems like flatulence and diarrhea. Chewing raw cumin helps in treating acidity.

Digestion Problems

2. Infections

You can protect your body from bacterial infections by adding cumin seeds to the food you cook. The seeds have antimicrobial and antibiotic properties, which helps in fighting infections. It can even treat infections that are antibiotic resistant.


3. Weight Loss

Cumin seed are very good for obese people. The spice can help in weight loss. The seeds contain very less amount of calories, which will help you in losing weight. You can use it for flavoring food instead of salt. Mix it with salads and other foods to add taste.

Weight Loss

4. Energy And Metabolism

Cumin seeds contain iron, which helps in improving energy and metabolism. The mineral makes the immunity very strong. It is especially useful for women who need Iron for fighting caused by menstruation. Cumin seed are also good for children and pregnant women.

Energy And Metabolism

5. Cold And Sore Throat

Cumin seeds are very good for treating common cold. If you are suffering from cold, you should boil cumin in water. Cool and drink it. Do this several times in a day. Boil dry ginger along with cumin seeds. It will cure the sore throat. The antiseptic properties of cumin help in treating these problems.

Cold And Sore Throat

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6. Memory Problems

People who have memory problems can benefit by including cumin seeds in their diet. The seeds increase acetylcholine in brain. This compound improves memory. The antioxidants present in cumin also enhance memory. The spice is very effective in treating amnesia.

Memory Problems

7. Diabetes

The seeds have anti-diabetic properties. People who suffer from diabetes should take cumin powder. The powder helps in controlling blood sugar levels. It treats glucosuria, a condition in which glucose is excreted through urine. Cumin also helps in controlling hypoglycemia.


8. Kidney Stones

If you are struggling with the problem of kidney stones, you can use cumin seeds for curing this problem. For this, you should mix turmeric powder with cumin powder. Apply on bread and eat this. This is a natural remedy for dissolving kidney stones.

Kidney Stones

9. Sleep Problems

Cumin seeds are very good for people who suffer from sleep problems. The seed can induce sleep, which helps in overcoming the problem of insomnia. The seeds contain essential oils, which have hypnotic effect. Mix the seed with banana and eat it before sleeping at night. Cumin also lowers stress levels and gives mental peace.

Sleep Problems

10. Cancer

The seeds help in preventing cancer due to its anti-carcinogenic properties. It is especially useful for stomach cancer. Cumin seeds can fight free radical damage. It helps in improving the detoxification function of liver and preventing liver cancer.


11. Skin Problems

The use of cumin seeds helps in preventing and treating many skin problems. The seeds help in preventing boils, wrinkles, spots and rashes. It protects the skin from fungal infections. Topical use of cumin can treat pimples and eczema.

Skin Problems

12. Hair Problems

Cumin is very good for hair. The use of black cumin oil helps in hair growth while preventing hair loss. Use the oil after mixing it with olive oil. Cumin oil helps in treating dandruff. It makes the hair healthy and shiny.

Hair Problems