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Top 14 Effective Natural Home Remedies For Scurvy

Scurvy is a disease which is being associated with Vitamin C or deficiency of ascorbic acid. Everyone wants to get rid of such diseases in body. The problem of scurvy results in delicate blood capillaries. One of the common and important cause of Scurvy is nervous tension in human. The disease is characterized by some most automated symptoms like bleeding of the gums, a feeling of weariness and general body weakness. Scurvy is a disease that is responsible in affecting the blood vessels, skin, and the body’s healing process, resulting in problems like anaemia, haemorrhaging in the body, and some of the gum disease like gingivitis.

Scurvy occurs when your diet is not composed of vitamin C. Vitamin C which is also referred to as ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble vitamin which helps to maintain good health, vitamin C must be replenished frequently in your diet. If your diet is lacking in fruits and vegetables, you may be at risk of an inadequate level of vitamin C further producing the diseases like scurvy in your body. Conditions that are responsible in malnutrition may be associated with scurvy.

So, Below Given Are Some Natural Home Remedies For Scurvy That May Be Helpful For You:

1. Green Chilies:

One of the best home remedy is green chilies as they are the richest source of vitamin C more than any other food and scurvy is caused due to deficiency of vitamin C . Eating green chilies is the best home remedy for diseases like scurvy. Red chili is also a remedy but it is not equally effective for scurvy [1].

Green Chilies

2. Kiwi Fruits:

If we see the composition of kiwi fruits,96% by weight of this fruit is surrounded Vitamin C. Adding kiwi fruits to the diet as fruit salad or as dessert or in any other way is beneficial home remedy for Scurvy [2].

Kiwi Fruits

3. Raw Mango Powder:

Raw Mango Powder is also a helpful home remedy of scurvy which can be easily obtained. Raw mango powder is produced by removing the outer skin or layer of raw mango and grinding it in a mixer before drying it out in the sun. A tea spoon of this powder taken before every meal is an effective and easy natural remedy for scurvy by which the deficiency of vitamin C can be removed [3].

Raw Mango Powder

4. Oranges:

Oranges, one of the lovable fruit is a rich source of ascorbic acid and is effective home remedy for scurvy. This can be used by taking a glass of orange juice daily morning as it nourishes the body of essential nutrition for getting rid of problems like scurvy [4].


5. Raw Brussels Sprouts:

Raw brussels sprouts is also helpful in scurvy. You just must take about 100 grams of brussels sprout as it provides 75mg of Vitamin C nutrition. It refurbishes the body with Vitamin C and is beneficial in treatment of scurvy [5].

Raw Brussels Sprouts

6. Broccoli:

A 100-gram serving of Broccoli provides around 85 mg of Vitamin C making it a very effective home remedy for scurvy. Try it out [6].


7. Lemon:

Lemon contains a lot amount of vitamin C. Liberal intake of lime juice in any form or mixed with honey is an effective home remedy for scurvy. Lemon has citric acid which further contains vitamin C [7].


8. Wood Apple:

As wood apple is rich in oxalic, malic-citric acid and concentrated tannic acid is a helpful home remedy of scurvy. If the pulp of any ripe fruit is taken orally it is helpful in the treatment of scurvy [8].

Wood Apple

9. Papaya:

Papaya is a fruit which is easily available and is a great source of vitamin C. Use of papaya is effective in treatment of scurvy as it is rich source of vitamin. Papaya for reducing the problem of scurvy can be used in any form like ripe fruit or juice of papaya [9].


10. Jaundice Berry:

Jaundice berry can also be used as an effective home remedy to treat scurvy. The leaves of Jaundice berry are used for the same as they have anti-scorbutic properties which are further helpful in diseases like scurvy. This can be used by boiling about 34 to 35 grams of dried leaves of this herb in a litre of water till it reduces in volume to half is an effective natural remedy for scurvy. Consume this solution in a day [10].

Jaundice Berry

11. Thyme:

Amongst all the herbal and natural remedies for scurvy, thyme is the one which provides the most vitamin C about 160 mg per 100 grams as per the survey and is effectively used in preparation of medicines for treatment of scurvy [11].


12. Parsley:

Parsley comes next to thyme in terms of the composition of Vitamin C content at around 134 mg per 100 grams. Parsley is also used in several herbal medicines for scurvy. Try both these as the herbs in diseases such as scurvy [12].


13. Potatoes:

Potatoes are also used as an effective measure in problems like scurvy It can be used as mashing potatoes to alleviate scurvy. To use it boil a certain amount of potatoes and consume the mashed potatoes by preparing it. After this prepare some gravy like using the tomatoes as tomato is also rich in Vitamin C. You can use tomato in any of its form like consuming the tomato soup with the mashed potato.

This one is a superb and the most effective home remedy for treating scurvy. But, be regular until you notice any improvement in the same [13].


14. Gooseberry:

Gooseberries also serves as the important solution or the natural home remedy in scurvy. For using it, grind the dried gooseberries in a container and mix this thoroughly with the sugar. You must consume this particular mixture two times daily. This mixture can also be dissolved in water. If you wish to you can also consume the solution as well. This mixture can also be added to warm milk or warm water.

You must drink the mixture before going to bed just before you are going to bed. These all helps to get rid of all the symptoms of scurvy effectively and efficiently [14].

Indian Gooseberry (Amla)

I just hope to use these remedies you will see some effective results. So, try these out!