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Top 15 Health Benefits Of Black Rice

Black rice is not consumed often and is one of the life-sustaining crops having a good dose of nutrients. It is also known as forbidden rice which is unprocessed and looks black in color in the raw state. When cooked it changes to deep purple color. Traditionally, Chinese people used black rice for treating kidney problems and stomach issues. This rice is cultivated in fewer amounts and was restricted only to higher class people. However, it is no longer banned and can be consumed for getting a bunch of health benefits. It has great amounts of minerals, 18 amino acids, vitamins, such as beta-carotene, copper, zinc etc. and is far healthier than the brown rice.

Below Is The List Of The Top 15 Health Benefits Of Black Rice:

1. Good For Heart

Few research studies have mentioned that black rice helps in reducing the formation of plaque in the arteries, thus preventing atherosclerosis and heart strokes. It contains anthocyanin phytochemicals helpful in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels by lowering the levels of the LDL cholesterols, thus preventing any cardiovascular risks.


2. Good For The Digestive Health

Black rice is one of the wild varieties of rice that contain good doses of fiber. One cup of black rice contains 2-3 grams of fiber. The fiber content in the black rice helps in treating bloating, constipation and improving the digestive health.

Good For Digestive Health

3. Prevent Diabetes

Few observational studies have mentioned that people who consume whole grain varieties have lesser chances of developing diabetes and obesity. Black rice is a much healthier alternative than the refined carbohydrate-rich foods. The fiber in the black rice helps in lowering the risks of type-2 diabetes.


4. Protects From Inflammation

Black rice has anti-inflammatory properties and is helpful in reducing inflammation. Regular consumption of black rice is associated with the reduction of the inflammatory substances.

Prevents Inflammation

5. Prevents Obesity

Black rice contains a healthy dose of nutrients and fiber that helps in reducing hunger cravings besides preventing the chances of overeating. Few research studies have revealed that whole grain varieties such as black rice help in avoiding insulin resistance that is linked with an increase in the risks of obesity.


6. Good For Gastrointestinal Health

Black rice is a great source of fiber and is helpful in improving your gut health. It helps in improving the bowel movements and helps relieve constipation. The higher doses of fiber can help prevent the absorption of the toxic substances by the intestine and flush them off from the body.

gastric probems

7. Aids In Weight Loss

Black rice is associated with the reduction in weight when consumed regularly. The reason behind this fact is the presence of good amounts of fiber that keeps you full for a longer time and helps reduce food cravings. Also, the higher fiber and anthocyanins in the black rice help lower the bad cholesterols contributing to weight loss.

Aids in Weight Loss

8. Good For Eyes

Black rice contains a healthy dose of anthocyanins that help protect eyes from degenerative issues related to the eye. The intake of black rice regularly helps in lowering the risks of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, and other vision problems. Also, an observational study has mentioned that anthocyanins in the black rice are associated with preventing and treating impaired vision.

Good For The Eyes

9. Prevents Asthma

Black rice contains anthocyanins that help combat free radicals inside the body, especially the ones that cause inflammation in the airways and responsible for the stimulation of mucous related to asthma. It is not an alternative medicine for treating asthma, but it helps in managing asthma exacerbations.

Prevents Asthma

10. Good For The Skin

Black rice is effective in protecting the skin from the sun damage and pollutants. It helps reduce wrinkles and slows down skin aging as well. It contains antioxidants and protein that help maintain skin firmness and restore elasticity. You can use black rice flour as a facial mask to treat skin problems.


11. Good For Hair

Fermented black rice water can be used for washing your hair as the antioxidants and nutrients in it help protect hair and scalp. It contains B vitamins, protein, and biotin that help stimulate hair growth.

Good For Skin And Hair

12. Treats Allergies

The bran or husk of the black rice act as anti-histamine and help alleviate the inflammation caused due to allergies. Black rice even helps soothe inflammation and swelling caused due to allergic contact of dermatitis.

Skin Problems

13. Prevents Cancer

Black rice contains dark plant compounds that help restrict the damage of the DNA and protects the arteries which further helps combat certain forms of cancer.

Fights Cancer

14. Help In Detoxification

The high doses of antioxidants in the black rice helps flush out toxic substances, particularly from the liver.

Protects Your Liver

15. Good For Gluten-Intolerants

Black rice is free from gluten and hence can be included in the diet of celiac patients as well as for people who can’t tolerate gluten.

Gluten Intolerance