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Top 15 Health Benefits Of Olives

Top 15 Health Benefits Of Olives

Top 15 Health Benefits Of Olives

Olive is a healthy fruit or vegetable added to salads and pizza. Olive oil is very popular but the olive fruit is also good for you. The fruit is available in green and black colors. It is included in the Mediterranean diet. It contains very less amount of fat so it is very beneficial for us. Most people like to eat processed olives. Raw olives are bitter and not suitable for consuming it directly. They are treated and processed to make it fit for consumption. Olives are processed through the techniques of water and brine curing. They can be cured at home also. We will discuss the benefits of this wonder fruit.

Following Are The Top 15 Health Benefits Of Olives:

Rich In Nutrients

Olive contains high amounts of nutrients and antioxidants that help in improving health. Canned olives contain many minerals including copper and Iron. It is a rich source of amino acids, polyphenols and Vitamin E also.

Vitamin E  deffeciency

Antiseptic Properties

Olives contain a nutrient called oleuropein, which has antiseptic properties. It helps in fighting bacteria and virus in the body due to this. Eating olives can help in preventing bacterial and viral infections.

Deals With Bacterial Infections

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Olives contain anti-inflammatory nutrients that help in treating arthritis and other diseases caused by chronic inflammation. It reduces pain caused by these diseases.


Healthy Heart

Olives are very good for heart health. It contains monounsaturated fats, which help in controlling heart disease. Heart patients should eat olives.

Heart Ailments

High Cholesterol

Patients who suffer from the problem of high cholesterol can control their disease by eating olives. Olives help in reducing the bad cholesterol levels while increasing the amounts of good cholesterol in the body.

Reduces Bad Cholesterol


The problem of allergy can be prevented and cured by eating olives. It contains some anti-histamine nutrients that prevent allergy. Thus, olive is very useful for treating symptoms of seasonal allergy.

Relief From Allergy

Healthy Skin

Nutrients present in olives help in improving the skin health. It is a rich source of oleic acid, which helps in preventing wrinkles. Eating olives makes the skin very soft.

Healthy Skin

Appetite Suppressant

Olive is a very good appetite suppressant. Take it before you eat food. It stimulates hormones that make you feel full. Thus, it prevents overeating by suppressing the appetite.

Loss of Appetite

Bone Health

You can improve your bone health by eating black olives. The fruit contains nutrients that are very good for the bones. It helps in preventing bone diseases like arthritis.


Digestive Health

Black olives are very good for the digestive health. It contains nutrients that improve digestion and prevent digestive diseases like ulcer and gastritis. It prevents colon cancer also.

Treats digestive problems

Improves Memory

Olives help in improving memory. It contains polyphenols, which help in improving memory by preventing brain oxidative stress.

memory  alertness


People who have anemia can benefit by eating olives. It contains lot of Iron, which cures the problem of anemia. It also increases the hemoglobin levels. Thus, olives are very useful for treating symptoms like fatigue, headache and poor cognition.

Fights Anemia

Better Immunity

You can improve your immunity by eating olives. The fruit contains Vitamin E, which improves the health of immune system. Thus, olives protect you from infections caused by microorganisms.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

Prevents Blood Clots

People who suffer from blood clotting problems can get relief by including olives in their diet. The fruit contains nutrients that prevent formation of blood clots. It is helpful in preventing deep vein thrombosis.

blood clotting


Olive is rich in anti cancerous antioxidants that help in preventing cancer. It contains monounsaturated fats and other nutrients that prevent cancer by fighting inflammation and free radical damage.

Fights Cancer