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Top 15 Home Remedies For Thicker Eyelashes

Top 15 Home Remedies For Thicker Eyelashes
Thick eyelashes help in improving the beauty of our eyes and face. When other people see our eyes, they do notice the eyelashes. People who have good eyelashes look very beautiful. Women apply mascara for making the eyes pretty. Some people have very thin eyelashes that don’t grow well. This can be due to eye infection, poor diet and hormone problems. Using harsh eye makeup can also cause this problem. The eyelashes can be made thick and beautiful by using false eyelashes. However, this is an artificial method. The best option is to use home remedies for thickening the eyelashes. Natural remedies are safe for us, as it doesn’t have any harmful chemical in it. We will explain some easy remedies for eyelashes here.

Following Are The Top 15 Home Remedies For Thicker Eyelashes:

Eyelash Care

Proper eyelash care is needed for making the lashes thick and fuller. Trim the eyelashes with scissors at frequent intervals. Comb the eyelashes using a special eyelash comb. You can also use a mascara wand for combing the eyelashes. It will stop the eyelashes from breaking.

waterproof maskara

Take A Healthy Diet

A healthy nutritious diet that increases hair growth helps in getting thick eyelashes. Eat foods that contain vitamins and protein. Include fresh foods in your diet. Eat whole grains, fruits and green leafy vegetables. Non-vegetarian people should eat meat and fish.

Healthy diet

Remove Eye Makeup

Use too much eye makeup such as mascara stops the growth of eyelashes. Thus, remember to clean the eyelashes by removing eye makeup and mascara from eyelashes before sleeping at night every day. It will help in making the eyelashes healthy and thicker.

removal of eye make up

Eyelid Massage

You can get beautiful thick eyelashes if you massage the eyelids. It helps in activating the hair follicles, which increases the growth of eyelashes. Use your fingers for massaging the eyelids. Do the massage very gently without using pressure. You should do the massage daily on a regular basis.

eyelid massage

Olive Oil

Applying natural oils on eyelashes helps in increasing its growth and thickness. The best oil for this remedy is olive oil. Apply the oil on eyelashes. The eyelashes will become healthy, thick and long.

Olive oil

Shea Butter

Shea butter has natural moisturizing properties. It contains vitamins that help in nourishing hair follicles. It helps in getting healthy and thick eyelashes. Apply Shea butter on eyelashes. Do gentle massage for further benefits.

shea butter


Vaseline is an inexpensive remedy for getting thick eyelashes. Apply Vaseline on eyelids and do gentle massage with fingers. You should do this remedy two times every day. Do the massage for five minutes at least.


Essential Oils

Some types of essential oils help in growing thick eyelashes. The best oils for eyelashes are lavender and rosemary oils. Apply the oil on eyelashes before sleeping at night with the help of cotton. You can also use sandalwood oil. Try mixing two or more essential oils and then use it on eyelashes.

Essential oils

Coconut Milk

You can get thick eyelashes with the help of coconut milk. Close the eyelids. Apply coconut milk on it with the help of cotton for ten minutes. After that, you can wash the eyelids using cold water. The eyelashes will become thick and shiny with this remedy.

Coconut Milk

Castor Oil

Castor oil can help you in getting thicker eyelashes. Keep lemon peels dipped in it and let it remain it like that for some days. Then apply the oil on eyelashes. It will increase the eyelash growth giving you beautiful eyes.

Castor oil

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains nutrients, which helps in growing thick eyelashes. Apply aloe on eyelashes at night before sleeping. Wash off when you wake up next morning using lukewarm water. It will make the eyelashes grow fast while keeping them moisturized.

Aloe vera juice

Vitamin E

Aloe can be used in another way by mixing Vitamin E with it. Break Vitamin E capsule and extract the liquid inside. Mix it with aloe gel. Apply the paste on eyelashes with the help of cotton. It will hydrate the eyelashes making them thick and strong.

Vitamin E Oil

Green Tea

Applying green tea on eyelashes increases its growth making it thick and fuller. Make green tea by steeping loose tea or tea bag in boiling water. Strain and cool the liquid. Apply the tea on eyelashes with cotton. The eyelashes will become beautiful.

green tea

Egg White

Get egg white by breaking an egg and separating its white portion. Add little amount of olive oil. Mix both ingredients well. Apply on eyelashes using a brush. Do this remedy before sleeping at night. Leave the egg paste on eyelashes overnight. Wash the eyelids when you wake up next morning.

Egg White

Egg Yolk

Apart from egg white, you can also egg yolk for getting thick eyelashes. Break an egg and separate its yellow portion. Add glycerin to it. Apply on eyelashes using cotton. Wash the eyelids after one hour using tap water. Do this remedy three times in a week. You can also mix almond oil instead of using glycerin.

Egg Yolk