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Top 15 Uses And Health Benefits Of Bee Propolis

Top 15 Uses And Health Benefits Of Bee Propolis

Propolis or bee glue is a gummy substance the honey bees produce after collecting resin and pollen from trees to stick up and seal spaces in their hive. With more than 300 active compounds Propolis has immense health benefits and has found way into many medical and alternative therapy treatments. Not only does it perform well as an antiseptic barrier it is also a remarkable antioxidant and antibody storehouse. Check out 15 important uses and health benefits of Bee Propolis listed below.

Heals Wounds

Propolis is antifungal and antibacterial and promotes healing of wounds and minor burns. It has been used to treat abscesses and fight infection, effective even in diabetic patients.

Wound Healing

Dental Care

Propolis has been traditionally used as a mouth disinfectant. It effectively helps treat dental issues like gingivitis, bacterial plaque and periodontitis. Studies have indicated propolis can inhibit caries and aid in regeneration of bone tissue and dental pulp.

Dental Care

Removes Warts

Propolis tincture can be used to treat warts. A 2009 study reported in International Journal of Dermatology indicated a 75 percent cure of warts in 135 patients over a period of three months.

Treat Warts

Genital Herpes

Propolis has five flavonoids- chrysine, acacetin, kaempferol, galangin and quercetin that act against simplex virus which causes genital herpes. Taken in high dosage it prevents the virus from spreading and reduces the body’s vulnerability to it.

Bee Propolis

An Immuno-modulator

Propolis can suppress or stimulate the immune system and so is a strong immunomodulatory agent. It boosts the immune system and discourages carcinogenic and mutative activities.

Helps In Boosting Immunity

Prevents Middle Ear Infections

The antibacterial role of propolis extends to prevent infections of middle ear particularly in children. It can be combined with zinc solution to treat acute otitis media in small infants and children.

Ear Ache

Respiratory Tract Infections

Propolis has wide ranging respiratory support properties and can be used along with vitamin C and Echinacea herb to prevent respiratory tract infection in children.

respiratory problems in children

Manages Athletic Heat Stress

Having high antioxidant content propolis helps protect athletes and cyclists from symptoms of excessive body heating. CAPE, one active compound found in propolis has been reported to help overcome dehydration and fatigue thus improving endurance.

Boosts Energy

Lowers Your Blood Pressure

Propolis acts at cellular level to help modulate blood pressure. It inhibits TH enzyme preventing it from blocking the bioavailability of nitric oxide to inner lining of blood vessels. Hypertension patients can consume propolis regularly to lower blood pressure and maintain heart health.

Blood Pressure (3)

Supports Healthy Bones

Propolis can halt and even reverse osteolytic bone diseases by stimulating the body to build healthy bone tissue. When consumed regularly it reduces joint inflammation and prevents bone density loss.

Healthy Bones

Anti Allergic

Treatment of seasonal allergies remains one of the most known health benefits of bee propolis. It blocks and inhibits release of Histamine in the body providing allergic relief.

Allergic Reactions

Combats Cancer

Propolis has a very powerful effect on microbial activity and free radicals. Studies testing propolis on colon cancer and prostate cancer cells have shown how propolis when used in tincture form targets cancer cells to terminate them by necrosis.


Treats Food Poisoning

Propolis inhibits growth of three chief microbial rogues causing food poisoning- Enterobacter faecalis, Staphylococcus aureus and C jejuni. Propolis tincture can be used as a general safeguard against or to treat food poisoning.

Treats Nausea

Intestinal Health Support

Being antibacterial and rich in antioxidants, propolis helps protect the body from intestinal infections. It can be chewed raw or consumed in tincture form to reduce intestinal inflammation.

Cure Intestinal Worms

A Skincare Specialist

The sticky resinous form of Propolis and high antioxidant content makes it an ideal for skin exfoliation, cleansing and sun-protection. It also reduces pain and inflammation in skin infections.

Healthy Skin