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Top 20 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Top 20 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

Top 20 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit

The name dragon fruit may remind you of a dragon but it has nothing to do with the fiery animals. The fruit is very common in Asian countries. Dragon fruit is also found in tropical areas of South America. The fruit has a thorny exterior surface just like a cactus plant. Dragon fruit is very healthy and nutritious. Its inner part has a white flesh, which is full of nutrients. Black colored seeds are embedded in the flesh of this fruit. We will tell you about some benefits of this fruit.

Following Are The Top 20 Health Benefits Of Dragon Fruit:


Dragon fruit is a very good anti-diabetic fruit. It contains nutrients that decrease blood sugar levels. The fruit is rich in fiber, which prevents blood sugar from rising. All diabetes patients should eat dragon fruit for improving their health.



Constipation is an annoying problem that occurs when our diet lacks fiber. Dragon fruit contains lot of fiber and it can help in preventing constipation. It helps in easy bowel movements, thus helping in passing stools.

Prevents Constipation

Dental Problems

Calcium deficiency is the main cause of many dental problems affecting the teeth. Since dragon fruit contains high amounts of calcium, it can prevent toothache and other dental problems. Phosphorus is another nutrient of this fruit that makes the teeth healthy.


Healthy Skin

The nutrients of dragon fruit help in making the skin healthy. Applying dragon fruit facemask helps in curing skin problems caused by aging. It can treat other skin diseases quite well. The fruit gives you beautiful glowing skin.

Adds glow to your skin

Anti-Aging Properties

Dragon fruit has nutrient that help in reversing the effects of aging due to its anti-aging properties. It can prevent problems like wrinkles caused by increasing age. It makes the skin look young making you feel youthful.

Prevents Aging

Heals Acne

Many women suffer from acne. Acne affects people of all ages both young and old. Dragon fruit can cure acne very nicely. Mash the fruit and apply on your face. Wait for the paste to become dry. Wash the skin using slightly warm water. Acne will be healed.

Heals Acne

Antiseptic Properties

Bacteria and viruses cause many types of infections and diseases. Dragon fruit has antiseptic properties, which helps in preventing these diseases. The fruit protects our body from the attack of bacteria and viruses.

Deals With Bacterial Infections

Improves Immunity

Dragon fruit is rich in nutrients that help in improving the immunity. It makes the immune system very healthy. Therefore, the fruit prevents infections caused by microorganisms like bacteria and virus.



Sunburn is a skin problem that damages the skin. Dragon fruit facemask can cure this problem. Take the juice of this fruit. You should mix little amount of honey in it. To this, you can add little cucumber juice. Apply the mixture on affected skin for thirty minutes. Wash off using warm water. Sun burnt skin will be healed.


Respiratory Diseases

People who suffer from respiratory diseases should start eating dragon fruit. The fruit contains many nutrients and ingredients that help in curing respiratory infections and diseases. It can treat chronic cough. It is useful for preventing bronchitis and asthma.


Poor Digestion

If you are suffering from poor digestion, you can treat the problem by eating dragon fruit. The fruit contains lot of fiber, which is good for digesting food. The fruit contains nutrients that improve the health of intestine.

improves digestion

Free Radical Damage

Dragon fruit helps in fighting free radical damage. It is a rich source of antioxidants, which protect the body from effects of free radicals. Free radicals cause many types of diseases and health problems, which can be prevented by eating dragon fruit.

radical damage

Bone Problems

Bone problems like osteoporosis and fractures are very common today. Dragon fruit is a non-dairy source of calcium, which makes the bones healthy and strong. You can prevent bone diseases by eating dragon fruit.

Boost Bone Health

Weight Loss

Dragon fruit is a very good weight loss food for people who are struggling with obesity and weight problems. Eating the fruit helps you in feeling full for a long time. It satisfies your hunger and prevents overeating, thus helping in losing weight.

Weight Loss

Poor Metabolism

Poor metabolism is the cause of many health problems. Dragon fruit contains nutrients that help in boosting the metabolism. The fruit removes harmful toxins from our body. It cleans the intestine and makes it disease free, thus improving the metabolism.


Heart Disease

People who suffer from heart disease should include dragon fruit in their diet. The nutrients of this fruit reduce bad cholesterol while increasing the amounts of good cholesterol. It helps in preventing heart problems.

Heart Ailments

Gout And Arthritis

Joint inflammation is the main cause of diseases like gout and arthritis. Dragon fruit has anti-inflammatory nutrients that help in preventing and treating these diseases. It makes your joints healthy and disease free.

Cures arthritis

Healthy Eyes

Dragon fruit is a rich source of Vitamin A, a nutrient that improves the health of eyes. The fruit improves your vision and prevents many eye diseases like night blindness. It helps in preventing macular degeneration also.


Healthy Hair

Dragon fruit is an excellent food for hair health. It improves the condition of hair while preventing many hair problems. The juice of this fruit is very good for colored hair. You need to apply it on your hair for fifteen minutes. After that, you can shampoo the hair.

Hair Straightening

Prevents Cancer

Dragon fruit has anti-cancerous nutrients that help in preventing many types of cancers. The fruit fights free radicals, which are the main cause of cancer. Its nutrients prevent colon cancer by removing toxic substances in the intestine.

Defeats Cancer