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Top 5 Aromas To Solve The Problem Of Sleep

A good amount of sleep daily is needed in order to keep our body healthy and mind and memories active. But, in today’s world, sleeplessness or disturbed sleep which is known as ‘insomnia’ in medical term is a very common problem. In spite of getting tired when you cannot sleep, it is called insomnia. Some people suffer from this problem temporarily and some have chronic insomnia problem. Chronic insomnia may contribute to serious health problem. Regular suffering from sleeplessness takes a toll on your energy and gradually we lose the ability of our daily work.   So, it is always better to use some natural products to solve the problem of anything at the very first stage. You will wonder to know that there are various natural fragrances in this Mother Nature which helps to bring sound sleep, this article will help you to know some of those aromas which bring sleep and solve the problem of sleep disorder.

Here Are Top 5 Aromas To Solve The Problem Of Sleep:

1. Juniper

Juniper is an excellent herb that is able to solve the problem of sleeplessness. Pluck some fresh juniper leaves and burn them inside your room. Juniper leaves have a beautiful smell. Let the scented fumes remain inside the room. Sedative property of juniper calms down your nerve and gives you strength to combat worries and odds. In spite of juniper leaves you may burn juniper oil also to get the benefit.


2. Sandalwood

All forms of sandalwood are helpful for insomnia. The sweet and rich fragrance of sandalwood helps to reduce anxiety, tension, palpitations and calms down the nerve and brings sound sleep. The pleasant smell of sandalwood helps to lift your mood too. Burn a little stick of sandalwood inside your bedroom and keep the door and window shut so that the fragrance remains inside the room. Rub a few drops of this oil on your both palms before going to sleep. You will find the benefit. If disturbed sleep occurs due to anxiety then apply sandalwood paste on your forehead and get the benefit.


3. Lavender

Aroma of lavender oil is effective to overcome the sleep disorder. It can slow down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, cools your brain and nerve and put you in a parasympathetic state, means relaxed state. Take a warm bath just before you go to sleep. Add a few drops of lavender oil in your bath. It serves to cool down the nerve and brings sleep. Mix some lavender oil in water and spray it to your bedroom especially on your pillow cover and bed sheet. It is really effective.


4. Jasmine

Jasmine is very helpful in promoting sleep by decreasing anxiety. Keep some fresh jasmine flowers at night on your bedside table to bring sound sleep. Massage jasmine oil on your whole body at night. Rub a few drop of this oil on your forehead before going to bed.


5. Vanilla

Vanilla essential oil has a relaxing and calming effect on the brain and the nerves that provide relief from anxiety and hypertension. The sedative property of this oil helps to bring a good night’s sleep. It lowers blood pressure and has a tranquilizing effect on brain. Pour a drop of pure vanilla essential oil on a cotton ball and keep it inside of your pillow. It will help a lot to overcome the sleeplessness.