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Top 5 DIY Lip Balm Recipes For Your Lips

Lip balm is one of the most essential and needed beauty items that we need daily to protect our lips irrespective of seasons. Both dry winter and hot and humid summer are bad for your soft lips. Moreover, some of our daily habits like biting lips, drinking hot tea or coffee, smoking, etc. damages the texture of our lips. The greatest culprit is ultraviolet rays of the sun for your lips. For these reasons you will need the daily application of any good lip balm to lock the moisturizer of the lips. You may get various lip balms in the market full of chemicals. But, it is very hard to find one for your lips. Why do not make your own lip balm at home according to your need?

Here Are Top Some DIY Lip Balm Recipes For Your Lips:

1. Beet Root Lip Balm:

Do not damage your lips with chemicals. Here is one super active lip balm to make your lips soft and pink. To make it you will need one fresh beet root, 2 tablespoons coconut oil and 2 tablespoons petroleum jelly. Beet root contains pink tinge and it has bleaching property which helps to remove sun tan. It helps to resolve the problem of discoloration of lips. On the other hand coconut oil contains sun protection property which protects your lips from sun rays. Fatty acids present in this oil help to moisturize and hydrate your lips. The third ingredient is petroleum jelly which serves to keep your lips soft and protects your lips from cracking. The fourth and the last ingredient is almond essential oil which is an excellent source of vitamin E and it helps to improve the texture of the lips. The first thing that you will do is to peel and grate the beet root. Then with the help of a muslin cloth strain the juice. Keep the dark magenta beet root aside. Now in a container pour coconut oil and add the petroleum jelly. Keep them on a low flame to melt the petroleum jelly and keep it on oven till both oil and jelly mixed with each other. Remove them from oven and pour the beet juice over them. Mix well with the help of a spoon. When it is almost cool down pour 3-4 drops of almond essential oil in it. Mix well and preserve it in the refrigerator. Use it at bedtime to get rosy pink moist lips within a few days.

Beet Root Lip Balm

2. Orange And Carrot Lip Balm:

This lips balm is needed to keep your lip youthful for a long time. Carrot contains beta carotene which is actually a lip balm and protects your lips from getting wrinkled. Orange contains vitamin C and being naturally acidic, it helps to remove sun tan. To make this lip balm you will need 1 tablespoon orange juice, 2 tablespoons shredded orange peel, 3 tablespoons pure coconut oil, 2 tablespoons petroleum jelly and 2 tablespoons concentrated carrot juice. Now in a container pour the coconut oil and place it on low flame. Add shredded orange peel and cook them on low flame keeping the lid on till the oil reduces to 1 tablespoon. Add petroleum jelly on it and stir well to mix everything. Add orange juice and carrot juice in this hot mixture of oil and petroleum jelly. After it gets cool strain this liquid balm and preserve it in the refrigerator to solidify it. Take a pinch of this lip balm and rub it on your lips. Use it daily for a better result.

Orange And Carrot Lip Balm

3. Honey Aloevera Lip Balm:

Honey aloevera lip balm is excellent for very dry lips. To make this lip balm, you will need 2 tablespoons fresh aloevera gel, 2 tablespoons castor oil, 1 tablespoon petroleum jelly and 1 tablespoon pure and very concentrated honey. At first mash the aloevera gel with the help of a spoon and add them in a container. Pour the castor oil over them. Keep the container on oven and maintain low flame. Cook them in that position for 5-6 minutes. While coking them stir the solution frequently. Remove them from heat and add petroleum jelly in it. Coming contact to heat will help jelly to get melted. Strain the mixture then. Pour it in a container. Add honey in it and mix well. Preserve it in the refrigerator and apply it with the help of a brush whenever you need it. You will get the benefit.

 Honey Aloevera Lip Balm

4. Turmeric Cucumber Lip Balm:

To make this lip balm, you will need ½ cup olive oil, 1 cucumber, 1 inch turmeric root, 2 tablespoons petroleum jelly and 1 tablespoon honey. At first add the soft turmeric and cucumber along with its peel in a grinder. Grind them to paste. Pour olive oil over the paste and cook it on low flame for 15-20 minutes keeping the lid on. Then let it cool and strain the solution. After that again make the solution heated and add petroleum jelly and honey in it. You need second time heating for better mixing. Preserve this lip balm in the refrigerator as usual and massage this on your lips at day time. Turmeric will protect your lips from ultraviolet rays of the sun and at the same time cucumber will keep it hydrated.

 Turmeric Cucumber Lip Balm

5. Strawberry Almond Lip Balm:

If you want to make your lips soft and smooth, then make this easy lip balm at home. To make this balm you will need 2 ripe strawberries, 5-6 almonds, 2 tablespoons full cream, almond essential oil and 1 teaspoon honey. Soak almond in water for an hour to get soft. Then add both almond and strawberries in a blender. Before adding them in the blender do not forget to cut strawberries into small pieces. Blend them well to a smooth paste. After that, add full cream, honey and 8-10 almond essential oil on the paste. Again blend them well and pour it in a glass container. Your lip balm is ready. Keep the balm in the refrigerator. As it is totally an organic product and do not contain any preservative, it should be kept inside the refrigerator otherwise it gets rotten easily. Apply this balm daily to make your lips pink, plump and youthful.

 Strawberry Almond Lip Balm

Follow these recipes and make your own lip balm at home. These lip balms not only make your lip attractive, they also improve the health of your lips. However,, these balms work well on clear skin. So you need to exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to get a better result from these lip balms.