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Top 5 DIY Toners For Managing Oily Skin

Toner occupies an important role in everyday skin care regime. Especially, toning is very important for the people with oily skin. Because, toning helps in absorbing excessive oil from your skin and thus is very helpful in eliminating dirt from your face. Therefore, toning helps in keeping your skin clean and moisturized. Consequently, visibility of acne is reduced to a greater extent. Furthermore, toning the skin on a regular basis helps in regulating the levels of pH and thus the size of pores are reduced. All these play an important role in managing the production of sebum. Market is loaded with number of toners. But, these commercial toners contain alcohol and sulfate. These elements make your skin dry out terribly. Hence, you can easily prepare an effective and organic toner at home.

This Article Highlights Such Effective Homemade Toners For Managing Oily Skin:

1. Toner With Mint:

Mint is widely used for cleansing the skin. This ingredient is widely used in the preparation of various homemade face packs because of its rich cosmetic properties. Moreover, this is the most commonly used ingredient in cleansers, astringents and moisturizers. We are using this ingredient as the base for achieving the desired results. Mint helps in reducing the pore size.


Handful of Mint Leaves
3 Cups of Water

How To Prepare:

Boil the water. Now, add the mint leaves into the boiling water. Let the water decrease to half. Remove the bowl from the heat. Now, let the water come to the room temperature. Strain the liquid. Now, place the cotton pad in the water. Apply the toner to your face with the help of the cotton ball. Apply the toner for twice a day for achieving the desired results.

Toner With Mint

2. DIY Toner With Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is the best ingredient that helps in regulating the production of sebum and thus helps in managing your oily skin. Hence, we are using this ingredient in the preparation of homemade toner for getting rid of oily skin problems. Astringent qualities are rich in this acv. Apart from that, acv is also very helpful in lightening your skin tone, eradicating dead cells of the skin, removing sun tan and minimizing the pores.


Apple Cider Vinegar

How To Prepare:

Pour the apple cider vinegar into the mixing bowl. Now add the water to the bowl. Stir these ingredients well. Now, apply the resulted solution to your skin with the help of a cotton ball. Make sure to avoid the area around the eyes. Follow the process for several times for noticing the visible results.

DIY Toner with Apple Cider Vinegar

3. DIY Toner With Green Tea:

Green tea offers numerous skin nourishing benefits. This amazing ingredient is rich in the skin friendly properties that are highly capable of removing excessive oil from the skin. In addition, pore size is reduced with the help of green tea toner. As a result, visible aging signs are reduced to a greater extent.


Green Tea Bags

How to Prepare:

Bring the water to the boiling point. Now, place the bags of green tea into the water. Steep the tea bags in the water for about ten minutes. Discard the green tea bags and allow the solution to cool down. Now, with the help of a cotton ball, apply the toner to the face. Follow the process for two times a day for noticing the noticeable results.

DIY Toner With Green Tea

4. DIY Toner With Cucumber:

Astringent agents are rich in cucumber. Thus, cucumber is said to be effective in removing excess oil from the pores of your skin. In addition, cucumber is very effective in reducing the size of the pores. Also, cucumber is very helpful in the improving the complexion of your skin.



How To Prepare:

Peel the cucumber. Chop it into tiny pieces. Take a sauce pan and add water into it. Now, add the slices of cucumber to the water. Let the water come to half of the quantity. Remove the sauce pan from the heat. Now, let it cool down completely. Now, apply the solution on the face as a toner. Apply this toner for twice a day for managing the oily skin problem.

DIY Toner With Cucumber

5. DIY Toner With Cold Water:

Cold water plays an important role in keeping your skin clean. Especially, cold water is good for oily skin. Excessive oil on the skin can be reduced with the help of using cold water in your beauty regime.


Ice Cubes

How To Prepare:

Take a bowl of water. Now, place the ice cubes into the water. Let the water become cold. Take a cotton pad. Apply the cold water as a toner on your face. Follow the process on a regular basis for best results.

DIY Toner with Cold Water

All these toners are easy to prepare. At the same time, these toners are very effective too. Hence, these diy toners occupied an important place in the beauty regime of many people in the world.