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Top 5 Home Remedies To Solve The Problem Of Cracked Heels

Cracked feet or cracked heels may make you embarrassed. In medical term it is recognized as heel fissures. Causes of cracked heels may be many – lack of moisture, lack of hygiene, standing for long hours, obesity, wearing improper footwear, shortage of nutrients inside the body, etc. Sign of cracked feet is red flaky skin like a fish scale. It itches sometimes and in extreme cases it bleeds. If you do not take prompt care, the situation will become serious and it will be difficult for you to walk properly.

Here Are Top 5 Home Remedies To Solve The Problem Of Cracked Heels:

1. Clean Your Feet Daily With Pumice Stone

To get rid of cracked feet, it is necessary to keep your feet clean all the time. Do not let dead skin accumulate on your skin. Soak your feet in warm salt mixed water daily before going to bed. Warm water and salt helps to make your skin soft. At this time just rub pumice stone gently on your skin. It will serve to remove not only dirt but also the dead skin from the outer layer of the feet. Now your skin can breathe properly. Proper oxygen supply to the skin helps to solve the problem of cracked feet.

Clean Your Feet Daily With Pumice Stone

2. Regular Application Of Moisturizer

Regular moisturizing of skin is necessary in order to get rid of cracked feet. Massage a thick moisturizer on your skin every time you wash your feet. Wear socks after massaging moisturizer on feet. It serves to retain moisture of the feet for a long time.

Regular Application of Moisturizer

3. Glycerin And Lemon Juice

Mix glycerin and lemon juice in equal ration and massage it in a roundabout way on your cracked heels. Leave it for a long time so that your skin absorbs this mixture. Glycerin hydrates and moisturizes your skin and lemon juice makes your skin healthy supplying adequate vitamin C to your skin.

Glycerin and Lemon Juice

4. Melted Body Cream

Take some thick body cream on a spoon and slightly heat the spoon. It will help to melt the cream. Now massage this melted body cream on your feet at bed time. But before massaging it, be sure that your feet is hundred percent clean. Everyday massage of this cream really helps to get rid of cracked feet.

Melted Body Cream

5. Weekly Foot Pack

A weekly foot pack is required if you have extremely cracked heels. Take a tablespoon turmeric paste, 1 tablespoon honey and little amount of milk. Mix this and apply a thick layer of this pack on your heels. Leave it to get dry. Both turmeric and honey protect your crack from getting infected. Honey also moisturizes your feet. Milk moisturizes hydrates and makes your skin healthy supplying different nutrients to your skin.

Weekly Foot Pack