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Top 5 Homemade Solutions For Body Itching

Itchy skin is otherwise known as pruritus in medical term. Itchy skin may occur due to various reasons. The most common reasons are allergy, dry skin, lack of hygiene etc. Other internal factors are anemia, liver problem, thyroid disease, leukemia, kidney failure, etc. Whatever may be the cause itching should be treated at the early stages. If it goes out of hand, itching becomes so uncontrollable that because of too much scratching, scratch marks appear on the skin and it bleeds. You may need to get to the specialist and take medicine according to his or her advice. But, at the initial stage you may use some home products so that it does not go out of hand.

Here Are Top 5 Homemade Solutions For Body Itching:

1. Chickpea Powder, Olive Oil And Milk

If you have extremely dry skin then this pack is suitable for you. Take a cup of milk. Add 2-3 tablespoons of chickpea powder and 2 tablespoons olive oil. Mix everything and apply the pack on your skin. Leave it to get dry. Then wash with normal water. While washing the pack just massage your skin in a roundabout way. Never use hot water on itchy skin, it actually aggravates the situation. Milk hydrates the skin and makes skin healthy supplying various nutrients. Olive oil is a great source of vitamin E and this vitamin helps to improve the texture of the skin. Chickpea helps to rub out the dead cells and dirt.

Chickpea Powder, Olive Oil and Milk


2. Carrot, Cucumber, Cloves And Milk Powder

Take one carrot, one cucumber, 2-3 cloves and 2-3 tablespoons milk powder. Grind everything in a grinder. You may use little amount of pure water in the paste to lower the consistency. Now apply it on your skin. Leave it for 30-40 minutes and then wash with plenty of fresh water. Carrot is a great source of vitamin A which is necessary for the skin. It also enhances the glow of the skin. Cucumber soothes cools and tones your skin. Antiseptic property of cloves helps to remove the bacterial infection, if there is any behind the cause of itching. Use it on a regular basis to get rid of itching and to make your skin glowing.

Carrot, Cucumber, Cloves and Milk Powder

3. Aloevera, Coconut Oil And Camphor

Slit one aloevera tube, remove the gel. Smash it. Add 2-3 pure coconut oil and 2-3 pinches of camphor in it. Mix well and massage it on your itching place. Coconut oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin. Moreover, antiseptic property of coconut oil and camphor help to heal the scratching. Aloevera is a cool substances and it cools and soothes skin. Aloevera makes your skin smooth reducing itching sensation.

Aloevera, Coconut Oil and Camphor

4. Lentil Powder, Honey And Curd

Take 2-3 tablespoons of lentil powder and add it in a cup of curd. Add 2 tablespoons honey in it. Mix well and apply a thick layer of it on your skin. Curd is a great source of vitamin C which is necessary to improve the texture of the skin. Moreover, it hydrates and cools your skin. Bleaching property of curd helps to remove scratch marks on the skin. Honey is an excellent moisturizer with antiseptic property. Regular application of this pack helps to reduce itching sensation and makes your skin smooth.

Lentil Powder, Honey and Curd

5. Mint, Garlic And Almond Oil

If itching sensation occurs due to some mite infection, then mint and garlic combination is the best one. Take a bunch of fresh mint leaves, 5-6 cloves of garlic and 2-3 tablespoons almond oil. Add them to a grinder and grind it to paste. Apply a thick layer of it on your skin every alternate day and soon do away with itching.

Mint, Garlic and Almond Oil