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Top 5 Natural Ways To Reduce Eye Strain


Eye strain is a common problem but it is quite serious as like other eye diseases. The eye strain or eye fatigue normally occurs to the people who face the computer for long times, read maximum hours, write for a long time or even drive for the long hours. It has been observed that exposure to excess or dim light can even cause the eye strain in the human beings. People usually suffer from blurred vision, discomforts, pain, headaches, dry or watery eyes, pain in the neck or shoulders, sore eyes and even double vision when they have strained eye. So here we will discuss some of the preventive measures, especially the home remedies, for the problem of strain eye.

Here Are 5 Natural Ways To Treat Eye Strain:

Potato Slices

The potato has both drying and disinfectant properties along with ample amount of vitamin C. The patient needs to slice some amount of potatoes and should keep it in their eyes. This remedy is one of the oldest remedies and it soothes all the burning and itchiness of the eye. To get an extra cooling effect the patient can put the slices for 30 minutes in the refrigerator and then put it in their eyes to get relief from the strain eye. Apart from the potatoes, the patient can use the cucumber slices for strain eye.

Potato slices

Rose Water

Rose water is a natural relaxing agent and it heals the fatigued and tired eyes. First of all the person needs to flush cold water in their eyes and then dab the eyes with a clean towel. Then the person needs to soak some cotton balls in rose-water and leave for 15 minutes till the cotton gets soaked. Then those cotton balls should be placed on the eyes for the overnight to get fresh eyes in the morning time. This remedy is to be performed before every night sleep to get maximum benefits.

Rose water

Drink Fresh Juices

Fresh juices of cucumber, celery and carrots are very helpful for the eye as they are the rich sources of vitamins, enzymes and beta-carotene. These juices soothe and cool the system of the human body, so that the eye gets some relief. These should be taken 2 times per day to get satisfactory results. Apart from this the patient can use blueberry and bilberry juices as these berries contain a useful compound lutein that usually strengthen the eye muscles.

Drink fresh juices

Essential Oils

These oils can be used massage the eyes so that all the muscle around the eye gets relaxation. In this remedy, the patient needs to use lavender or clove oils for better results. In the morning hours after washing the eyes with clean water the patient needs to massage that oil around their eyes for 10 minutes. After the massage, the patient can also give warm compress to their eyes to relief from fatigued eye. Apart from the above therapy, the patient can also massage their second and third toes for 20 minutes with this oil to get results as those toes are corresponding to the eyes. While doing the massage around the eye, make sure that the oil must not enter into the eyes and the whole procedure needs to be repeated 2 times per day to get optimum results.

Essential oils

Water Treatment

When you feel the symptoms of eye strain, always try to keep your eye hydrated. To avoid dryness, you need to hydrate your face muscle by alternate face washing with hot and cold waters. To perform this remedy, you need to keep two different bowls that contain hot and ice water and a clean wash cloth. With this wash cloth you need to dab your eyes alternately to get relaxation from strain eyes. Apart from this you need to drink a sufficient amount of water to moisturize the eyes.

Water treatment