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Top 5 Organic Diy Hair Pack To Add Volume To Your Hair

Organic Diy Hair Pack To Add Volume To Your Hair

Thicker and great volume of hair is always desired to everyone irrespective of their gender. Long and great volume of hair make you look young and boost up your personality and confidence. Some people are born with very thick and a great volume of hair. But all are not so fortunate. Moreover, people with thick hair at their childhood may lose hair in their later life. The most common causes of hair loss are – lack of care, lack of hygiene, excessive use of chemicals on hair for fashion purposes, etc. Apart from those reasons, some chronic health problem like anemia, diabetes, thyroid problems are vital causes of hair loss. Some immunosuppressive drugs or steroid, are also responsible for making your hair thin if you are under those medications. But some regular hair care that too with some home products may bring a sea positive change in the volume of your hair. This article will give you five organic recipes of hair pack for the overall care of your hair.

Follow These Tips And Be Proud Of Your Beautiful Hair.

1. Onion and Coconut Oil:

Take 2-3 red onions. Grind them to paste. Pour 2-3 tablespoons coconut oil in the onion paste. Mix well and apply that your scalp. Leave it for an hour and then wash with plenty of water. In the time of washing massage your hair for 5 minutes to boost blood circulation in the scalp. A weekly application of this hair pack helps a lot to enhance the volume of your hair.

Onion and Coconut Oil

2. Indian Gooseberry and Henna Powder:

Indian gooseberry is an excellent natural product for hair growth. Crush some fresh Indian gooseberry and extract the juice. Soak 2 tablespoons henna powder in warm liquor of the tea for an hour. Mix well to a smooth paste. After that, when the henna paste turns cold, pour 1 tablespoon Indian gooseberry juice in it. Mix well. Apply that on your scalp and hair. Leave it to get dry and then wash your hair with plenty of normal water. You may apply this hair pack twice daily on your scalp. It helps a lot to maintain thick volume of shiny hair.

Indian Gooseberry and Henna Powder

3.Egg, Lemon Juice and Lavender Oil:

Egg is an excellent product for hair because of the presence of B vitamins. This vitamin is responsible for new hair growth, makes the hair root strong and prevents hair fall. A weekly egg treatment is necessary for your hair. To make this hair pack, break one egg and squeeze one lemon in it. Lemon juice is a superb source of vitamin c which enhances the shine of the hair. Now beat the egg well. If you do not like the smell of the egg you may add a few drops of lavender oil in the egg. This oil not only adds a beautiful fragrance to your hair pack that may linger, all through the day, it also saves you from dandruff and other scalp rash due to its antifungal property.

Egg, Lemon Juice and Lavender Oil

4. Fenugreek and Sour Yogurt:

Soak some fenugreek in water overnight to get soft. Next morning grind them to paste, take one cup of sour yogurt. Mix 2 tablespoons fenugreek paste in it. Apply that on your scalp. Mix well and apply that your scalp. This pack saves you from dandruff and other hair problem and keeps your hair in healthy condition. Use this organic pack thrice a week for better result.

Fenugreek and Sour Yogurt

5. Hibiscus Flower and Castor Oil:

Take 2-3 red hibiscus flowers along with their leaves. Grind them to paste. Pour a few drops of warm castor oil in it. Mix well and massage that on your scalp. Leave it to get dry and then wash your hair. Weekly use of this pack helps a lot to add volume to your hair.

Hibiscus Flower and Castor Oil