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Top 5 Sugar Free Fruits To Include In Your Diet

Sugar Free Fruits Diet

Over consumption of sugar is very harmful and can give rise to a number of serious health issues and if you are diabetic then the severity of the problem increases further. It is very important to keep a check on the sugar intake so as to keep yourself protected from the diabetes problem.

Here Are The Top Fruits And Vegetables That You Should Include To Your Daily Routine:


Lettuce is a store house of a number of useful minerals and nutrients. It provides required amount of iron, manganese, vitamin B, Vitamin A, D, C etc. Not only this, it helps in keeping you full therefore it is advisable to have lettuce in your daily routine.



Broccoli is rich in a number of useful nutrients and minerals that are very useful in improving the overall functionality of the body. Not only this, broccoli is also very useful in improving the health of skin and hair and prevents the appearance of aging signs. It also prevents free radical damage and act as a perfect supplement for energy.


Grape Fruit

Grape fruits is rich in vitamin C and helps in improving the overall immunity and treats common problems very effectively. Being a sugar free food it also keeps a check on your blood sugar level and prevent serious diseases very effectively.

Grape fruit


Avocados are very healthy fruits that prevent the risk of certain harmful health problems. Not only this, it also provides all the essential nutrients and mineral and provides energy for all the day to day activities.



Tomatoes do not contain any sugar and provide the required amount of vital minerals and vitamins. Regular consumption of tomatoes help in improving bone health  and skin health as well.