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Top 5 Super Foods For Depression

Super Foods For Depression

Depression is a problem that causes bad mood and low spirits. You may feel anxious and lonely. It creates a feeling of sadness and unhappiness. Depression causes emotional problems and stress. Many treatments are available for dealing with this problem. Diet is the best way of treating depression. Some foods have the ability to uplift your mood while enhancing the feeling of happiness. These foods take you out of depression and relieve stress. This article tells you about such super foods.

Following Are The Top 5 Super Foods For Depression:

Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are easily available in the winter season. These vegetables have the ability to fight winter depression. The vegetable contain high amount of nutrients, which help in improving mood. You can eat spinach, kale and mustard greens. Eat leafy greens as vegetable or prepare salads and soups with it.

Green-Leafy Vegetables


Banana is a super fruit that contains depression-fighting nutrients like dopamine and tryptophan. Dopamine is an antioxidant that helps in improving the mood. The fruit contains Vitamin B6, potassium and manganese.


Dairy Foods

Dairy foods like milk and yogurt can help in curing depression. Milk and yogurt contain selenium, which help in balancing thyroid hormones. Milk and another dairy food cheese contain tryptophan, which helps in producing serotonin. Serotonin helps in curing feeling of depression.

Dairy Foods


Walnuts are very healthy nuts that help in boosting the mood. The nut contains omega 3 fats and some other mood enhancing nutrients. Walnut cures folate deficiency, which is the main cause of depression. The nut calms feeling of anger and makes you feel happy.


Fatty Fishes

If you are a non-vegetarian, you should include fatty fishes in your diet. The fish contains omega 3 fats, which help in curing anxiety and depression. Salmon and tuna are the best fatty fishes. You can also eat herring. These fishes help in improving the health of brain.

Fatty Fishes