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Top 5 SuperFoods To Control Skin Aging

SuperFoods To Control Skin Aging

Our skin is the total reflection of how we treat our bodies! What we eat, how much we exercise and how much stressed or anxious we are; our skin shows it all!  Aging is a natural process of the skin, but this is where the main problem lies. Aging skin has always been a problem for many people.  Heredity factors, poor hydration, lack of exercises and poor skincare routine can all lead to premature or quick skin aging.

Best Superfoods To Control Skin Aging:

Fortified Soya Milk or Low Fat Dairy Products

Low fat dairy products and yogurt are rich in vitamin D and calcium which helps in keeping bones strong and skin glowing. At least three servings of such low fat dairy products takes care of your skin hydration and gives you a smooth and refreshing skin. It also reduces the risk of wrinkles and other age related problems.

Fortified Soya Milk or Low Fat Dairy Products

Green Leafy Vegetables

Fresh leafy greens which include kale and spinach are rich in antioxidants which help in protecting the skin from all negative effects of UV exposure.  Every-time your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, there is significant damage caused. If there is repeated exposure, it can cause DNA damage too. This increases the risk of skin aging as well as skin cancer. Statistics reveal that women who consume more of green vegetables, have shown comparatively less wrinkles than those who didn’t.

Green Leafy Vegetables


Tomatoes are richly loaded in lycopene which works as an internal sunscreen of the skin. They help to keep the skin protected from sunspots, tanning, aging and UV radiation. They also contains vitamin C which offers collagen strength. Potassium present in tomatoes help in regulating nutrient content of skin cells and keeps it hydrated.


Broccoli and Broccoli Sprouts

Sulforaphane present in broccoli helps in clearing skin toxins and enhances enzyme production. Fresh and young three day old broccoli sprouts offer the most protection and is highly beneficial for skin.


Dark Good Quality Chocolate

Flavonols present in dark cacao helps in reducing skin inflammation caused due to UV light exposure. It helps in increasing blood circulation and helps the skin in retaining moisture. It also reduces wrinkles and aging spots.

Dark Chocolate

Include these super foods in your diet and you will love the way you look!