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Top 5 Sure Methods To Cure Bursitis


Joint pain is a very common kind of problem that mostly affects people of older age. By following some strict rules and regulations, this pain can be easily removed. Bursitis is one such kind of problem that is very painful, and it mainly occurs in the bursae. Bursae are fluid sacs, which protects the joints. The problem of bursitis can be easily seen in places such as knees, hips, shoulders as well as elbows. This is mainly caused due to repetitive motion, direct trauma as well as strain. People, who are not maintaining their diet regularly, can also suffer from this kind of problem. With the application of home remedies, the entire problem of bursitis must be solved at its initial stages.

Here Are 5 Sure Methods To Cure Bursitis:

Using Honey And Vinegar Solution

A proper solution of honey, cider vinegar, and cayenne pepper is needed to be made, and then the solution can be taken with water. For best results, the solution must be taken prior to your breakfast. This is a very natural process that will help to reduce the level of inflammation and will also help to boost the immune system of the body. The joints of the body are also strengthened by consuming this solution. Bursitis can be easily cured by this solution in a quick manner.

honey and vinegar solution

Using Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is one of the best juices that can work in a perfect manner to cure bursitis. This particular problem occurs mainly due to the pain in joints, which also leads to inflammation. People suffering from bursitis must make sure to use carrot juice during their breakfast as well as lunch time. Carrot juice can be easily made and is very rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium as well as Vitamin A. Hence, this is very effective in solving the issues of bursitis. Carrot can be easily found in vegetable market and the extracted juice of it can create magical effect to cure bursitis.

carrot juice

Intake Of Burdock Tea

Intake of burdock tea can also help in curing problems such as bursitis. This is the best herbal tea that can provide the perfect kind of results to cure bursitis. People suffering from bursitis can make use of burdock tea for wonderful results. This will not only help to reduce the effect of bursitis, but also help to enhance the working power of liver. Additionally, this also helps the body to throw out the toxins preset in the body. The toxins, mainly responsible for bursitis can be easily removed by the consumption of this tea.

burdock tea

Using Celery

Celery is another kind of herb that can be easily taken in dinner. This will help to reduce the amount of uric acid near the joints. This in turn helps to reduce the effects of bursitis. Bursitis can be very painful at some point of time. With proper steps and measures, the problem of bursitis can be easily sorted out. This will also help to reduce the pain that is encountered during bursitis.


Apply Ice

If your bursitis problem is dealing with swelling, then you must think of using ice. Ice can slow down the swelling effect by slowing blood circulation to the area. You can apply small pieces of ice to the infected joint for 20-30 minutes. You can follow this procedure for three to four times a day, if the bursitis problem is deep in the joints. It is always wise to place a towel or cloth on the skin, where you are going to apply the ice pieces or ice packs; this is meant not to use the ice cubes directly to the skin. Elevating the affected joint above your heart level will also assist to reduce swelling.

Apply ice



Cure Bursitis