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Top 5 Treatments For Split Ends

Split Ends

The most prevailing hair problems in today’s world is split ends. This is due to lack of moisture and lack of nourishment, you get split ends. This is due to busy lifestyle that you are unable to get enough time to take care of your hair. Use of harsh shampoos, straightening dyes, bleaches etc. makes your hair rough and dry due to loss of amino acids which is the main cause of split ends. Split ends stops hair growth and makes them look dry and rough. To get rid of split ends you have to follow certain home-made remedies, which will pay dividends in treating your problem.

Here Are Some Easy Tips To Cure Split Ends:

Honey And Egg Hair Pack

Honey and egg have natural properties which help in curing split ends. These provide moisture, which helps in healing the damaged hair and correcting the split ends. It is very simple to prepare and use this pack. To prepare this pack; Take one egg and beat it, then add a tablespoon of honey and half cup milk into it and mix it well. The pack is ready, now apply this pack on your hair and then leave it for a few minutes. Wash your hair after leaving it for sometime. This pack cures your split ends and will make your shiny and smooth.

Honey and egg hair pack

Banana Pack

This is a very easy remedy which can help solving your split ends problem sitting at your home. All you need is just a rip banana, 2 tablespoons of curd, lemon juice and rose-water, which is always present in your home and is readily available. To make this pack, mash a ripped banana, add two tablespoons of curd, six drops rose-water, and one tablespoon lemon juice, then mix it well. Make a paste from of the mixture and then apply it on your hairs for about 60 minutes. Take head wash and you will find really shiny hair with reduced split ends. Apply two times a week for better results.

Banana pack

Beer Hair Treatment

It is one of the most efficient ways for curing split ends and also it does not require any hard-work to use this method, this is totally effortless method. You just have to take a small amount of beer sufficient according to the length of your hairs. Rub some beer into your hair. Check that your hairs are completely soaked with the beer. Now, massage your hair for 3-5 minutes and wash it away. You will find immense change in your hair look and reduction in split ends will clearly be seen.

Beer hair treatment

Honey And Olive Oil Pack

Olive oil, no doubt very good hair oil and have great benefits. The pack made using honey and olive oil plays very important role in curing split ends. Its method of preparation is very easy and straight forward; Mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil and 3 tablespoons of honey. Apply it to split ends and leave it for a few minutes. Rinse off your hair after some time. This treatment will moisturize your rough and dry hair and will cure split ends.

Honey and olive oil pack

Papaya Hair Pack

For preparing this pack you need a papaya and half cup of plain yoghurt. This mixture is quite useful in replenishing the amino acids, whose damage can cause split ends. This has been an extremely effective home cure for split ends. First, take out the seeds as well as the skin of the ripe papaya and then grind it with yoghurt to make a smooth pack. Now apply this on your hair for about 45 minutes to make your hair smooth and strong.  Papaya pack will surely bring life to your hair and will cure split ends.
Regular application of these remedies at your home will provide desired results and will solve your split ends problem and will prevent occurrence of more split ends.

Papaya hair pack