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Top 5 Ways To Remove Splinters At Home


Splinters are the foreign bodies that get embedded in any part of the skin.Most commonly splinters occur on the hands or fingers due to handling of wood or other materials. Splinters can get partially or fully pierced in the body which can cause pain, irritation, swelling and other problems. Splinters can be of any kind like metals, glass or plastic, but the most commonly occurring splinter is wood splinter. Most splinters can be easily removed at home if they are treated at the right time. If not treated at the right time they will get penetrated deep into the cutaneous layer of skin and thus damaging additional tissues of the skin. Here are some remedies which can be used at home to remove splinters.

Here Are Top 5 Ways To Remove Splinters At Home:

1. Ichthammol Ointment

This is also called black drawing salve and can be fetched from the pharmacy counter. The best part of this ointment is that it is completely painless and also it can be used without the prescription. The method of applying is very simple as you just need to put a small amount of the ointment on the splinter and apply a bandage over it. It is observed that splinter can be drawn out within a day. In case of application of water or wet material within a day, again put salve and a bandage over it. Remove the band-aide; splinter will be drawn out along with it.

Ichthammol Ointment

2. Magnesium Sulfate

Commonly known as Epsom salts, Magnesium sulfate can be used to draw out splinter without pain or swelling of skin. There are two ways to use it; you can either soak your affected finger few times a day in a cup of a mixture of Epsom salt and warm water, or you can make a poultice with it. To follow poultice route take a small pinch of Epsom salts then place it on the bandage of regular or large size and wrap it on your finger. If you want, you can change it once a day in case it gets wet. It will work within two days with assurance of great results. The magnesium sulfate paste can also be put on a bandage.

Magnesium Sulfate

3. Baking Soda

The most commonly used and efficient way to remove splinter is by the use of baking soda. It works well for the tiny splinters that get deeply embedded in the skin. The working principle is that, a paste of baking soda applied on the splinter affects the skin to swell as well as pushes the splinter out. You can either apply the paste directly or can cover it with the adhesive bandage after applying it. Allow it for few hours and then remove the bandage and rinse off the paste from the afflicted area. The splinter will get soften and will be forced to the surface, pull the splinter and dab antiseptic on the affected area.

Baking Soda

4. Adhesive Glue

If the splinter is visible, then this method can be used very efficiently. To start with this method, drop a blob of glue over the splinter and allow it to dry for a sufficient time. After that peel off the dried glue, the splinter will get be drawn out as it gets attached to the glue. No pain is associated with this remedy.

Adhesive glue

5. Potato

It is one of the most easily available methods for treating the splinter is by using potato which is most common vegetable and is every time and any time available in the home as well as market. This method is very simple; cut a raw potato into slices, preferably of the size which can be conveniently put on the affected area. Put the yellowish side of the potato on the splinter, hold it for some time and keep it as such without applying pressure. Splinter will be drawn out after sometime without any kind of pain.

These five methods can be best used at home anytime and according to your convenience. All these methods are completely assessable and no pain is involved at all.