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Top 5 Ways To Use Olive Oil Daily For Beauty


Olive Oil Daily For Beauty

Olive oil is one of the most common names in our daily life. A bottle of olive oil perhaps is the most common sight in most of the households. We eat it daily as it has various health benefits. Olive oil prevents cancer, oil prevents heart diseases, improves the bone health, relieves constipation and many more things. But you will wonder to hear that olive oil almost works like magic on your skin. For this reason olive oil is being used both for health and the skin from the very ancient time. Olive oil is now being used widely in cosmetic industry. This article will give you a few tips following which you can use olive oil at least in five ways as a beauty product.

Here Are Top 5 Ways To Use Olive Oil Daily For Beauty:

Massage Olive Oil All Over Your Body Before Bath And Take Olive Oil Bath:

Olive oil is an excellent source of vitamin E which is one of the most necessary vitamins for your skin. Massage a good amount of olive oil on your whole body in a circular way. This helps olive oil to get absorbed I the skin. Moreover, massage boosts blood circulation and makes your cell active. But do not go to take bath immediately after massaging olive oil. Wait for at least 10-15 minutes so that your skin gets ample times to absorb it. Olive oil bath is another variation. After cleaning your body properly fill your bath tub with fresh and clean water. Pour at least 5 tablespoons of olive oil in it. Stir with your fingers for mixing up. Then place yourself in the bathtub. Wait here for 15-20 minutes. This amazing technique helps to make your skin soft. Olive oil bath is the beauty secret of famous Hollywood actress Sophia Loren.


You Can Use Olive Oil As Body Lotion:

You have to use soaps and other products to remove dirt and grease. It also removes the natural oil of our skin. Unless you massage a good moisturizer on your skin, your skin will go dry and problem like itching will start soon. Can you imagine you do not have to rush to a cosmetic store and buy a bottle of costly moisturizer from there? Enter your kitchen, take the bottle of olive oil and pour it in a small bowl. Now massage that oil on your wet skin. Pores in the wet skin remain open and it absorbs olive oil properly. Moreover, olive oil has a very light fragrance which do not irritate. Regular massaging of olive oil as moisturizer helps to enhance the glow of your skin.

Body Lotion

Use Olive Oil As Eye Cream:

When we grow old the elasticity of our skin decreases and wrinkles appear on our skin. Wrinkles first appear on the skin around our eyes as this skin is the softest skin in our body. Every night before going to bed massage a few drops of olive oil around your eyes. Regular massaging of this oil helps a lot to soften the skin around your eyes and to remove wrinkles from it.

Eye Cream

Use Olive Oil As Dirt And Makeup Remover:

It is not a wise decision to go to bed with old makeup. Olive oil is a good make up remover. It also removes dirt and excess grease and at the same time nourishes your skin with vitamin E. massage a few drops of olive oil on your face and neck. Then take a wet cotton ball and rub it gently on your skin to remove out makeup, dirt and grease. Repeat the process and then wash your face at first with warm water and then with normal water. Use it regularly and see the difference.

Makeup Remover

Use Olive Oil To Strengthen Nail:

Do you worry about your dull brittle Nails? Here is olive oil to save you. Take a few drops of warm olive oil and make it warm after placing it on hot water. Now massage this oil on your nails properly and keep it in that condition for 10-15 minutes. Practice this method daily and soon get rid of brittle nails.

Follow these tips sincerely and soon you find a great difference in your appearance. People will keep remaining staring at you.

Strengthen Nail