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Top 6 DIY Natural Remedies Of Flatulence

Flatulence is the medical term for releasing gas or passing from the digestive system through the anus. It is a normal human being condition and there is nothing to worry about. But, when there is excessive amount of flatulence, it is really embarrassing and the distress increased when the released gas carries bad odor. Instead of dashing another room to avoid embarrassment, it is better to solve the problem as early as possible. When we eat drink or swallow time amounts of air enter inside our body and accumulate in the guts. These are mainly nitrogen and oxygen gas.

On the other hand the gas released from digested or undigested food items are hydrogen, methane and carbon dioxide. As the gas builds up, the body may need to get rid of it. There are two processes of releasing gas – burping and flatulence. Though flatulence is a normal process, one should get rid of it to avoid embarrassment. To do that the most common practice is to take the help of medicine. But regular use of these medicines will make you dependant on these medicines which are extremely bad for your health.

This Article Will Give You A Few Natural Tips To Get Rid Of Flatulence Naturally And That Too Of Your Own:

1. Caraway Seeds:

Caraway seeds are excellent to do away with flatulence [1]. You can take caraway in many ways. When you are suffering from flatulence, chew a teaspoon of caraway seeds followed by a cup of warm water. It will serve to release gas. Roast some caraway seeds and grind them to powder. Add a pinch of this powder in your drinks. You will get the benefit. Soak some raw caraway seeds in water overnight.

Next morning strain the water and drink it. You will get the benefit. Use as much as caraway paste in your cooking as possible while preparing some protein rich dish. This helps to make your food easily digestible.

Caraway Seeds

2. Rock Salt:

Rock salt is an excellent product to treat your flatulence naturally [2]. If you are feeling discomfort due to excessive flatulence, take a cup of lukewarm water. Add pinch of this salt in the water and drink it. Repeat the process after every half an hour. You will get the benefit.

Rock Salt

3. Mint:

Mint is an excellent natural product for flatulence [3]. Take some fresh mint leaves and chop them bluntly. Boil them in water for 8-10 minutes. After that, remove it from oven, let it cool keeping the lid on and strain it. Your mint tea is ready. Drink this tea twice or thrice daily to get rid of flatulence. Grind some fresh mint leaves and add 1 teaspoon this mint pest in a glass of chilled water. Drink it after a meal. This helps to digest your food properly and saves you from flatulence.


4. Yogurt:

Yogurt is an excellent product that helps to digest your food properly [4]. After taking two major meals(lunch and dinner), make the habit of taking yogurt daily. Yogurt increases the formation of beneficial bacteria in the intestine which neutralizes the growth of beneficial bacteria that helps to digest food very fast. Nonetheless, be sure that you are eating unsweetened and non flavored yogurt for flatulence purpose. Regular intake of yogurt helps to get rid of flatulence very soon.


5. Bitter Gourd:

Bitter gourd is an excellent product for flatulence [5]. Take 2-3 bitter gourds. Wash them properly and cut them into small pieces. Boil them in water till the pieces get soft. After that consume the whole thing (the bitter gourd pieces and the water in which it was boiled). Regular intake of boiled bitter gourd helps a lot to solve the problem of flatulence.

Bitter Gourd

6. Coriander Leaves and seeds:

Both coriander seeds and leaves are beneficial to solve flatulence problem [6]. Soak some coriander seeds in water for 2-3 hours. Strain the water and drink it you will get the benefit. Coriander leaves are also beneficial. Grind some fresh leaves of coriander and mix it with yogurt. Eat it. Regular coriander intake of any form helps a lot to do away with flatulence problem.

Coriander Leaves and seeds

Follow these natural remedies. Along with chew food properly so that they get digested easily inside the stomach. Take small amount of food at a time so that air does not enter your mouth. Always use a cup or glass to drink water. If you just gulp water from a bottle at the same time you are gulping air and that gets accumulate inside your stomach.

Try to avoid those foods that are not easily digestible and emit gas with foul smell like cabbage, cauliflower, beans, etc. do not overstuff your stomach. Be assured that there is some space inside your stomach after taking the food. Eat frequently and in small quantity. All these methods will allow you to get rid of flatulence.