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Top 6 Natural And DIY Summer Hair Care Tips

Summer most probably is the best time in our life. It means going to the beach, going to anywhere and have fun. To some people it is like spending endless vacation on outdoors after months of spending time cooped inside the house because of the cold winter. But have you ever thought that summer has a damaging effect on your hair. Hair during summer season turns so dull and lusterless because of the presence of damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. At this time of season most of our hair lacks hydration as well as nourishment.

For this reason to keep your hair dazzling in this fun season spare some time for yourself. There are lots of easily available and not so expensive home products. With the help of these products you can easily make your own homemade packs that will keep your hair shiny and lustrous.

This Article Will Offer You A Few Necessary And Easy Tips On Overall Care Of Your Hair:

1. Coconut:

Coconut in all forms is really excellent for your hair. Coconut oil, coconut milk or coconut paste does wonder on your hair to hydrate or to nourish your hair. Massage coconut oil at bedtime every alternate day and shampoo your hair the next morning. It is a great help for a dry and dull hair. Mix coconut milk in your daily hair pack and apply it on your hair. It will serve to nourish and hydrate your hair and will help to increase the luster of your hair. Grind some coconut piece in a grinder and add another few drops of lemon in the paste.

Mix well and apply that your hair. Leave it to get dry and wash your hair with plenty of normal water. Practice this method every alternate day and see a sea change on your lifeless and withered hair.


2. Almond and Milk:

Soak some almond in milk for overnight to get soft. Next morning grind those almonds to paste. Add a few drops of milk in this paste and apply that on your hair. Almond is a major source of vitamin E which improves the overall health of the hair. Milk nourishes and hydrates your hair which is very crucial in summer.

Almond and Milk

3. Aloevera and Lavender Oil:

In summer hair care tips one common ingredient – aloevera is must in your daily hair care routine. Add some fresh aloevera gel and a few drops of lavender oil in the blender. Blend them well. Apply them on your hair and scalp. Aloevera contains a great amount of water which helps to cool your head, hydrate it and solves premature graying of hair to some extent. Lavender oil saves your hair from dandruff and other skin rash. As aloevera is a very cool substance, you may catch a cold. For this reason restrict the use of aloevera if you are prone to cough and cold.

Aloevera and Lavender Oil

4. Egg and Mustard Oil:

Egg is an excellent organic product for the overall health of the hair. It contains vitamin B complex and various minerals which are necessary to keep your hair in healthy condition in all aspects. Break one egg and beat it well. Add a few drops of mustard oil in it. Mix well and apply that your hair. Mustard oil contributes to enhancing the shine of the hair and keep it infection free. After applying it on your hair, leave it to get dry and then wash with any mild shampoo.

Egg and Mustard Oil

6. Indian Gooseberry and Yogurt:

Indian gooseberry is superb for your hair all through the year and especially in summer. Crush some fresh gooseberry and extract the juice. Mix 1teaspoon of this aloevera juice in ½ cup of sour yogurt. Mix well and apply that on your hair on weekly basis. Aloevera is excellent for hair it hydrates your hair and enhances the luster of it supplying adequate vitamin C to your hair. On the other hand sour yogurt hydrates, nourishes and cleanses your hair without removing natural moisture of your hair.

Indian Gooseberry and Yogurt

7. Avocado and Fresh Cream:

If you have extremely dry hair and the dryness enhances in summer, then you must go for avocado and fresh cream pack. Peel and remove avocado kernel. Include them in a blender. Add 2 tablespoons fresh unflavored and unsweetened cream in the blender. Blend them properly. Apply this pack every alternate day on your dull hair and turns it lustrous within a few days.

Avocado and Fresh Cream

Follow these measures. Wear a hat or use umbrella on your hair to give them a protection from damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. Eat lots of protein, fresh fruits and vegetables daily from the nourishment of your hair internally. Wash your hair daily and stay away from various hair cosmetics as long as possible. It helps a lot to get hydrated and lustrous hair even in summer.