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Top 6 Natural Diy Remedies For Scalp Sweating

Top 6 Natural Diy Remedies For Scalp Sweating

Sweating though plays an important role to keep our body cool, excessive sweating is always unpleasant and may create odor and make you uncomfortable. Excessive sweating is regarded as a problem. Excessive sweating at any part of the body makes you uncomfortable especially when it occur on the scalp. Excessive sweating on scalp makes your hair oily and unmanageable. It may create odor on your hair and lead to hair fall and scalp infection. For this reason scalp sweating should be treated with great care at the very primary stage before it gets outta hand. Just do not get lured by all those shampoos and other hair products that demand to solve the problem of excessive scalp sweating overnight. Those products are rich with strong chemicals maximum time and they may not suit you. In the long run, those chemical rich products make your hair rough and dull looking. Moreover, those products are costly and it is not easy to maintain them 365 days. But, there is a solution, and far better solution of excessive scalp sweating if you do them with your daily ingredients that you use in your everyday life.

This Article Will Offer You A Few Tips In This Matter:

1. Soap Nut:

Wash your hair daily with soap nut solution to get rid of excessive sweating. Moreover, it helps to counter bacterial infection not to allow them to generate. Soak a handful soap nuts in very hot water overnight. Next morning rub them in water to get the soapy substance. Wash your hair with this water. It will remove sweat, oil and dirt from your scalp and hair and will keep your hair and scalp clean and dry. Clean scalp all the time means there is no chance of scalp infection. Use this water daily for washing your hair. But, if you do not have much time to prepare this solution daily then, just spare some time in one day and make this washing solution for a whole week. But, you have to keep it in the refrigerator, as it is an organic solution and do not contain any preservative, it easily get rotten.

Soap Nut

2. Apple Cedar Vinegar:

Take 2-3 tablespoons plain water. Pour 10 drops of apple cedar vinegar in it. Mix well and massage it on your scalp. Leave it for half an hour and then wash your hair with plenty of plain water. Apple cedar vinegar serves to control the oil and sweat secretion of scalp.

Apple Cider Vinegar

3. Lemon:

Lemon is an excellent fruit that helps to control secretion of sweat gland and sebum gland. It is acidic in nature. Nonetheless,, never apply raw lemon juice on your scalp and hair. Because of its acidic nature it may gear up the problem of untimely graying of hair. So mix it with coconut water in 1: 10 ratio and massage it on your scalp. Wash it with plain water after leaving it for just 20-25 minutes. It will help you to get rid of excessive sweating of the scalp.


4. Yogurt and Chickpea Powder:

Take a cup of sour yogurt and add a tablespoon chickpea powder. Mix well and apply that your scalp and hair. Leave it to get dry and then wash with any mild shampoo. A weekly yogurt treatment for your hair helps a lot to get rid of excessive scalp sweating. It is really beneficial.

Yogurt and Chickpea Powder

5. Henna and Fenugreek:

Take some henna powder according to the length of your hair. Add a tablespoon freshly ground fenugreek powder in it. Add some water. Mix well to smooth paste and apply a thick coat of henna on your hair and scalp. It helps a lot to do away with excessive sweating. Moreover, the antifungal and antibacterial property of fenugreek helps to stop germinate odor creating bacteria. Weekly use of this henna pack is really beneficial for extra sweaty scalp.

Henna and Fenugreek

6. Tea Liquor and Lavender Oil:

Soak 1 tablespoon tea leaves in a cup of boiling water for half an hour. You will get a thick liquor of tea. Add 3-4 drops of lavender oil in this liquor. Mix well and massage it on your scalp in a circular motion. It will help to improve blood circulation of scalp. After leaving it for 10-15 minutes, just wash your scalp with lots of plain water. Tea liquor helps to reduce sweating and antimicrobial property of lavender oil helps to kill those bacteria which creates bad odor on your scalp.

Tea Liquor and Lavender Oil

Follow these measures. Wash your scalp daily with plain water. Allow it to get dry completely before you do any hairstyle. Stay away from junk food, smoking and alcoholism. Drink adequate water every day. All these measures will help you get rid of excessive scalp sweating.