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Top 6 Natural Ways To Cure Fever

Cure Fever

A fever is not an illness; it is our body’s defense against infection. If you have body temperature is more than 98.6f, then you will be known to have suffered from fever. Fever does not cause any major harm to our body until it exceeds (104ºF). Normally fever will not last for more than 3/4 days if a person is physically active. So in most cases, without taking any medicine, one can get rid of the fever. But if persists for a long time then one should see a doctor. Several home remedies are prescribed for fever through which you can treat the fever at home.

Here Are The Natural Ways To Cure Fever:

Take A Bath In Cold Water

This method may make you feel strange as how cold water can cure your fever, but this the real method which truly works for the curing of your fever. If you have high temperatures in your body and feel feverish, then take a bath in cold water. You can relax in a tub for some time and let your skin get affected by the cold splash of water. Go relax in a tub full of cool water. Soaking yourself in the cold water will help you to cool the body. Also you can leave a cold cloth on your forehead for some time. It will get evaporate and you will have much comfort.

Take A Bath

Remove Excessive Amounts Of Clothes

Wearing too much of clothes will prevent the body heat to pass through the body. It will help the fever to last for longer time. So remove all unnecessary clothes and take the minimum. Only use a blanket to face the chills. It will make your resistant capacity stronger. You may feel this remedy not so important, but this really gives you a positive result when you follow the procedure.

Remove Excessive Clothes

Stay Indoors And Take Lots Of Rest

During fever, your body needs maximum rest as it is struggling to get rid of any disease. At this time, your body needs much energy so that it can automatically get healed. When you have fever lie down or sleep in the bed as much as you can. Cut down your daily activities and stop going out from home to avoid any further infection. Stay indoors during this time. Follow this process until you are free from fever.


Take Liquid Foods

During fever, it is best to stay away from heavy nutritional food as bacteria present in the Nutrients in certain types of foods which causes fever. Try to go on a fast if you have a fever. Instead take some fruits which are rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to reduce fever. By taking only fruits will help to reduce the temperature of your body and hence lowers the effect of fever.

Take Liquid Foods

Stay Hydrated

It is important to stay yourself hydrated when you have fever. Drink maximum amounts of water as your body needs liquids in large amounts to fight back the illness. So if you are fasting, consume water at frequent intervals. You can also take juice to augment the amount of liquids in your body and as a result it helps in decreasing the body temperature.

Stay Hydrated

Drink Herbal Teas

Some herbs are known to prevent fever such as peppermint, lemon peel and honey and apple cider vinegar. Take any of these herbs or a combination of them and mix it with honey to have a better taste. Drink them in a cup throughout the day. You can take basil tea also by mixing some leaves of basil with pepper and water. Boil it in mild for some minutes and strain it out to consume it.

Drink Herbal Teas