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Top 6 Self Tanning Home Remedies


Even though white or fair skin is adored by many, lots of individuals love to get their skin tanned. Once the summer arrives, people lie under the sun for hours to get have tanned dark skin. However, prolonged exposure to skin is harmful and can result in various skin problems. So, it is better to seek home remedies to have admirable tanned skin. Self tanning prevents your skin’s contact with harmful sun rays so it prevents sunburn and the risk of the development of hazardous skin problems.

Find Below Some Simple And Easy Home Remedies To Get Your Skin Tanned Yourself At Home Safely.

1. Coffee

Coffee is popular as a natural self tanner. Also, it helps you conceal the appearance of cellulite. All you need to do is mix about two tablespoons of olive oil and one cup of coffee grounds and apply the mixture on your limbs, face, and body parts that you would like to tan. Allow the mixture to stay on your body for about 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Coffee Cellulite Body Wrap

2. Lemon

Fresh lemon juice is another effective natural tanner. Get some fresh lemons to obtain its juice and use as self tanner. You can also rub your hands and legs with a small slice of fresh lemon to remove the stains of tanning lotion.

lemon juice 2

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3. Chocolate

You can tan your skin yourself with help of chocolate. All you need to do is mix chocolate with brownish shade of your usual mineral makeup and gently apply the prepared mixture over the skin of your entire body. Soon you will observe that you have an admirable dark tanned skin.

Chocolate Face Mask

4. Pumice Stone

Sun-free tanning lotions tend to affect the uppermost layer of your skin. So you need to work out to remove the lotion residue without removing the top skin layer. Pumice stone is useful to take off tanning lotion residue and tanning spray. Gently rub a pumice stone on your feet and palms to eliminate the residue of your tanning spray or lotion. Make sure you use it on areas such as hands and feet.

pomince stone

5. Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is another highly effective self tanner that helps tan your body and face. Mix about a quarter cup of cocoa powder and your usual white lotion and apply the mixture on your skin with help of a makeup sponge. Allow it to stay for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off. You will soon find your skin being tanned.

Cocoa Powder

6. Tea

Tea is another natural self tanner that helps you tan your skin without exposing it to the harmful rays of the sun. Pour three-quarters of a cup of boiling water in a utensil containing three teabags. Allow the tea to steep for about ten minutes. Then take off the teabags and place a quarter cup of tea into your blender. Add a quarter cup of sesame oil and lanolin and blend all of these ingredients slowly. Add rest of the tea to the blending mixture slowly. Use the mixture to self tan your skin safely and easily.

tea tree oil compress

Apply all the above mentioned mixtures in circular motion to get the best results on your skin. Skin experts recommend drinking ample of water to keep your body and skin well-hydrated to help your skin tan better and quicker than turning dry. So make sure you drink a lot of water when trying to self tan your skin.

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