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Top 6 Sure Methods For Ingrown Toenail

 Ingrown Toenail

There are lots of health problems that start with simple manner and then become very hectic to handle. An ingrown toenail is one such kind of problem that must be handled with much care and attention. This mainly looks like small injury in the leg and further requires surgery at a later stage. This can lead to serious pain and swelling of the toe. With proper application of some of the best procedures, the entire problem of ingrown toenail can be easily solved. Intake of drugs is not effective. There are lots of home remedies available that can create good results at the same time. People who are mostly engaged in running activities suffer from this kind of problem.

Here Are 6 Sure Methods To Cure Ingrown Toenail:

1. Using Lemon

Lemon is a very natural remedy that can handle most of the health problems. There are lots of methods to use the lemon in deriving perfect results from it. People are using the lemon in various forms. In the case of ingrown toenail, lemon can be used against the toe and then band aid must be applied on it. This lemon wedge must be secured in one form or the other. By applying socks, the lemon wedge can be easily maintained.

Using Lemon

2. Using Epsom Salt

A better kind of solution can be made in order to provide proper relief to the ingrown toenail. A solution of warm water as well as Epsom salt can become the best remedy to treat the problem of ingrown toenail. The toe must be soaked in this solution, which will provide the best results. By keeping the toe into the solution for around 20 minutes, one can get proper results. This activity must be repeated at least three times a day. You can follow this as many days as you want, as it is 100% natural and don’t have any side effect.

Using Epsom Salt

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3. Using Hydrogen Peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide is also going to help in the case of ingrown toenail. This is considered as mild antiseptic and can easily cure the ingrown toenail. One must apply this solution very perfectly to the ingrown toenail. With proper application of this solution to the ingrown toenail, it becomes very easy to cure the problem of ingrown toenail. The area must be covered with gauze or a bandage. This will reduce the chances of further infection of the ingrown toenail. Try this method for a week and see the positive result for sure.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

4. Trimming The Nails

With proper trimming of the nails, it becomes very easy to handle the problem of ingrown toenail. One must make sure to trim the nail as per the requirement. The nails must not be trimmed in a curved manner. This is a very simple step, and it can provide long-term results in the case of ingrown toenail. People opting for perfect solutions can easily apply the trimming process.

 Trimming The Nails

5. Avoiding Shoes And Socks

People suffering from the problem of ingrown toenail must avoid shoes as well as socks at the same time. This is the best solution in order to heal the infection. Using socks as well as shoes can lead to more infection and can increase the problem. Thus, with proper care and attention, the problem of ingrown toenail can be easily cured.

Avoiding Shoes And Socks

6. Soak Your Foot In Domeboro Astringent Solution

To ease the soreness, immerse your foot in domeboro astringent solution. This solution has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property, which can help in easing the problem of ingrown toenail. You need to soak your foot for about 20-30 minutes in this solution. This process can be followed once or twice in a day as per your need. Follow this method for a week or two to get the most positive results.

Soak Your Foot In Domeboro Astringent Solution