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Top 6 Sure Methods To Cure Tooth Pain

Tooth Pain

Sensitivity of teeth is an irritating problem that never lets people concentrate on any work properly. It attracts all the attention of a person towards it and makes him feel horrible pain. The people with sensitive teeth are prone to heavy pain when eating ice-cream, chewing hard foods, drinking tea or coffee, eating cold or hot foods and even breathing the cold air. The cause of tooth sensitivity is the exposed dentin beneath the teeth. Tooth whitening, aging, brushing very hard, and gum disease can cause the tooth sensitivity. This problem should be treated when it is in minor stage, since the later stages may lead to the removal of the aching tooth.

Here Are Top 6 Sure Methods To Cure Tooth Pain:

Use Of  Toothpaste

There are a variety of toothpastes available in the stores that are specially made for taking care of sensitive teeth. These toothpastes have a special compound in them that is designed to block the spread of sensitivity from the surface of the tooth to the nerve that connects the tooth. Use the sensitive toothpaste for several times to get the effect on the sensitive teeth. Thus, use of proper toothpaste aids in deleting the sensitivity in teeth and helps in taking care of teeth.


Proper Tooth Brushing

Hard tooth brushing can also cause sensitivity in the teeth by rupturing the gums of teeth. Improper brushing can also lead to such kinds of problems. Hence, an effective and proper tooth brushing is necessary for the teeth care. Brush the teeth gently and do not move the toothbrush abruptly in the mouth. Choose a soft toothbrush that contains smooth bristles. Harsh method of brushing can also cause bleeding in teeth that aggravate the problem of sensitive teeth.

Proper tooth brushing

Use Of Lukewarm Water

Teeth whitening can be treated by using lukewarm water while brushing the teeth. Lukewarm water cures the pain in teeth that are in the whitening condition. It can aid in killing the bacteria that are present in the mouth and create severe problems with teeth. Using too cold or hot water is also not recommended, since it can create some more pain teeth. That’s why lukewarm water is preferred rather than cold or hot water.

lukewarm water

Rinsing The Mouth Properly

After brushing the teeth, it is essential to rinse it correctly to remove all waste and toxic things remained after brushing. Rinsing should be in a proper way. Rinsing with appropriate fluoride varnish for about thirty seconds is recommended. Gargling with lukewarm water and fluoride varnish in it gives the best pleasure and result in the removal of sensitivity of teeth. Do not drink the rinsed water, spit it out.

Rinsing the mouth properly

Gargling With Salt Water

Take lukewarm water and salt. Mix salt in lukewarm water and stir thoroughly. Gargle using this mixture for four to five times daily after brushing the teeth relieves pain in teeth due to sensitivity. Do not drink the gargled water and spit it out. Gargling also removes bacteria from the mouth and cleans it thoroughly, leaving no toxins or waste in the mouth. Thus, gargling gives an efficient result on teeth and helps in the treatment of sensitive teeth.

Gargling with salt water

Use Of Clove

Clove has been proven to be the quick pain reliever when it used for tooth pain. You just need to chew the clove once and then keep on pressing the clove slowly through the help of your teeth (upper and lower). Don’t try to lift the teeth or open the mouth after pressing the clove through your teeth. Wait for 5-10 minutes and you can feel that saliva is coming out of the place where you have kept the clove. After 5-10 minutes you will surely feel comfortable. This is the quick way to get rid of the tooth pain.



Tooth Pain