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Top 6 Sure Methods To Cure Wisdom Teeth



Wisdom teeth emerge when a man becomes twenty to twenty-five years of age. These are four back molars present in the mouth of an adult person. Even though the wisdom teeth grow, some people need to extract the teeth due to improper alignment of wisdom teeth or congestion in the mouth. People, who do not want to or cannot get removed from wisdom teeth instantly, can decrease the pain and the discomfort in the gums. The impacted wisdom teeth cause pain while drinking, eating, sleeping, and even if the cold air enters the mouth. There are many ways through which wisdom teeth can be cured, but it is always good to choose home remedies as they don’t have any side-effect.

Here Are 6 Sure Methods To Cure Wisdom Teeth:

Use Of Camphor Oil

Cinnamomum camphora plant is the source from which the camphor oil gets extracted. Camphor oil has very good healing qualities in it and is being used due to the same reason as a home remedy for ages. Wrap the camphor oil, taken in small quantity, in the cotton ball and place it in between the wall of the mouth and gums. The juice of the camphor oil is released when the cotton ball gets wet in saliva. This oil aids in soothing the swelling and softness in mouth and gum.

Wisdom Teeth

Use Of Clove Oil

An added remedy for inflamed gums is the clove oil. The clove oil is extracted from clove plant, and it has its own healing qualities in it. Hence, it is also widely used for the treatment of inflamed gums. The same procedure can be applied here as well. Take a cotton ball and wrap the clove oil in it. Let the oil soak for a minute, then put the wet ball in the mouth, where the wisdom tooth is emerging. Clove oil also reduces irritation and inflammation in the mouth.

clove oil

Use Of Salt Water

Maintaining cleanliness in the mouth keeps the teeth and gums healthy always. Good oral cleanliness does not allow any inflammation or irritation in the mouth. Besides brushing the teeth and flossing every day for two times, people suffering from wisdom tooth are supposed to gargle and wash the mouth in salt water solution once a day. The salt water solution can be made by adding two teaspoons of salt to one cup lukewarm water.

salt water

Use Of Onion And Garlic

Onion and garlic have antibacterial properties in them, which help in treating the problem of wisdom teeth. Take a garlic clove and mix it with salt of about a small pinch. Now place the mixture over the inflamed area. This provides quick relief to the problem of wisdom teeth. Chewing the paste is also recommended, since it destroys the bacteria, which causes decay of the enamel. Placing the onion piece on the inflamed area in the mouth or chewing it can also help in easing pain.

onion and garlic

Use Of Bayberry, Clove And Lime

Clove contributes its vital role in healing the toothache. Take some clove oil or clove piece and apply it directly to the inflamed area in the mouth for instantaneous relief. Take two teaspoons of powdered bayberry and half teaspoon vinegar. Mix them thoroughly to make a solid paste out of it. Apply this paste on the inflamed area for the sudden relief of pain. Applying this formula whenever needed can release the pain of wisdom teeth for a long time.

bayberry clove and lime

Try Chewing Gum

Chewing gum on the sides where you are experiencing pain, can give a quick relief from the pain related to the wisdom teeth. Chewing gum will smoothly massage the painful portion and may give some temporary relief. You can apply this formula whenever you are feeling the problem of wisdom teeth.

Try Chewing Gum


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