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Top 7 Beauty Benefits Of Papaya For Your Skin

Papaya is an excellent fruit that not only takes care of your health; it is excellent for your skin also. You can amply use ripe papaya for your skin care purpose. Regular application of ripe papaya on your skin nourishes your skin with good supply of different minerals and vitamins and helps to rejuvenate it. Papaya contains vitamin A, C, minerals and antioxidant in abundant quantity which nourish your skin intensely and enhances its glow. Minerals like phosphorous, iron, potassium, copper, manganese, calcium and magnesium and antioxidants strengthens the immunity power of the skin and protects your skin from free radicals. Regular use of papaya on your skin moisturizes it, hydrates skin, clears pigmentation, reduces wrinkles, removes tan, controls acne, solves under eye dark circles and many more things. This article will help you to know beauty secrets of papaya and its uses on your skin.

Beauty Benefits Of Papaya For Your Skin:

1. To Hydrate Skin:

Papaya helps to hydrate the skin. Some people have very dry skin from their birth and this dryness gets enhanced in winter. Excessively dry skin not only dull and unimpressive in outer, appearance, it also causes itching and it is a matter of embarrassment. To get rid of this problem make an ideal body pack with papaya. To make it take ½ portion of a moderate size papaya, 2 tablespoons freshly acquired aloevera gel and ½ cup full cream milk. Add all ingredients in a blender and blend it well. Massage this paste all over your body in a roundabout way and leave it for 10-15 minutes. After that, wash your skin with ample water. In the time of washing massage your skin with your palms. It not only helps to enhance blood circulation, it also helps to clean your skin intensely. For this reason do not use soap after using this special body pack. Soap makes your skin very dry. Use this body pack daily on your skin to solve dehydrated problem of your skin.

Hydrate Skin

2. To Remove Tan:

Papaya has natural skin bleaching property which helps to remove suntan and other dark spots from your skin. For this purpose take 2-3 pieces of papaya and blend it. Add a few drops of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon honey in it. Mix well. Apply it on your skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash your skin with cool water. Use this face pack every alternate day. It helps to remove suntan from your skin and reduces pigmentation of the skin.

Remove Tan

3. To Moisturize Skin:

Some people’s skin lack moisture. It means, their oil glands of the skin do not work properly. Over secretion of oil glands of the skin is damaging for skin as it clogs the pores, but at least little amount of natural oil is needed to keep skin shiny, glossy and youthful. Natural oil or moisturizer of our skin helps to keep it soft and supple. But, an unfortunate person, whose skin lacks moisturizer, needs to apply something which will boost up balanced quantity oil secretion of skin. Papaya is such natural thing that adds moisturizer to your skin. Take 2-3 pieces of papaya and mash it properly. Soak 2-3 almonds for an hour in water or milk to get soft. Then, grind it to paste. In a container add mashed papaya, almond paste and a few drops of olive oil. Mix well and apply that on your skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then wash with water. Use it daily to keep your skin soft, supple and moisturized.

Moisturize Skin

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4. To Make Skin Fair:

Papaya has skin whitening property. You can make your skin fair in 2-3 shades with regular use of papaya on your skin. Take 2-3 pieces of moderate sized papaya, 2 tablespoons sour yogurt and pinch of turmeric. Add everything in a blender and blend it well to make a smooth paste. Add some Fuller’s earth in it and mix well. Apply thick quoting of this paste on your skin and leave it to get dry. Then rinse with normal water.

 Skin Fair

5. To Stop Acne:

Papaya also helps to solve acne problem. To make an ideal facial pack with papaya to stop acme take 2-3 pieces of papaya, pinch of baking soda, yogurt and honey. Mix everything in a mixer and daily apply it on your acne prone skin. Mashed ripe papaya and apple cedar vinegar also is a good combination to get rid of acne and pimples.


6. To Get Rid Of Wrinkles:

Ripe papaya contains antioxidants which works well to protect your skin from wrinkles and slows down the approach of natural aging sign. Wrinkle at first appear on the face and neck. Skin around eye areas is very soft and aging signs first appear hear. To get rid of wrinkle combine egg and papaya to make an ideal facial pack. Break one egg and whip it well. Mash 2-3 pieces of papaya and mix it with egg. With the help of a brush apply this facial pack on your skin. Leave it to get dry. Then wash your skin with a mild soap to eliminate the smell of egg. A weekly application of this pack helps a lot to control wrinkle effectively.


7. To Control Under Eye Dark Circles:

Some people especially the women have a tendency to grow under eye dark circles. It makes them looking sick, aged and unattractive. Papaya is an excellent fruits which helps to eliminate those dark circles. For this purpose take 2 small pieces of papaya, 1 small piece of potato, ½ teaspoon almond oil and 2 tablespoons full cream milk and rosewater. Add everything except the almond oil in the blender. Blend them well. Then strain the mixture with muslin cloth. Now add the almond oil in the strained juice and preserve it in the refrigerator. Apply a few drops of this juice on your eye areas gently at bedtime. So that your skin will get ample time to absorb the juice. Wash your skin with normal water next morning. You will get the benefit.

Eye Dark Circles

Follow these methods sincerely. Along with, add papaya in your daily diet in good quantity for a good supply of minerals and vitamins. Regular intake of papaya enhances the immunity system of your body. A healthy body must have healthy skin. Take all these measures and keep your skin beautiful always.