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Top 7 DIY Natural Remedies For Boils

Boils are primarily an infection of skin. It is a very common problem of summer. Summer is approaching and some people may be attacked by this infection. Boils happens when there is a deep bacterial infection in a hair follicle. At primary stage it starts as a small, red and painful nodule and gradually it increases in size. Sometimes the pain becomes so intense that it may bring fever. If you do not take proper care of it, boils may turn septic and may spread from one place to another. Causes of boils may be many. The most simple and common cause behind this problem is poor hygiene. Apart from that, lack of immunity, eating junk food excessively in summer, too much alcoholism and smoking all through the year, lack of water intake, wearing tight synthetic clothing may be the cause of boils. Other serious causes may be diabetes, chemotherapy, etc. Whatever may be the cause if you can take care of these boils at the very early stage you may solve the problem successfully with the help of natural home products. Otherwise you have to visit a skin specialist.

This Article Will Give You A Few Tips To Get Rid Of Boils Naturally:

1. Sandalwood Paste and Oil:

Sandalwood oil paste is beneficial for boils. Take a tablespoon of pure sandalwood powder and pour a few drops of water in it. Mix well and apply a thick paste over the infected skin. Leave it to get dry. Before going to outside, cover your boils with thick layer of boils to avoid infection. Sandalwood paste has antibacterial property which helps to stop the growth of bacteria. Dilute a few drops of sandalwood oil in water and wash your boils 2-3 times a day. It will help to control oil secretion and will stop bacteria to germinate. Regular application of sandalwood paste and sandalwood oil will help to solve the problem of boils within a few days.

Sandalwood Paste and Oil

2. Mint:

If your boils pains too much apply a thick layer of pure mint paste over them. Antibacterial property of mint helps to reduce the size of boils drying the pus formed inside and the light anesthetic property of mint juice helps to reduce the pain. Regular application of mint leaves is really beneficial for boils.


3. Indian Lilac (Neem):

Neem leaves or Indian Lilac is an effective natural product for boil due to its antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Crush some fresh neem leaves and remove its juice. Apply this juice directly on your boils with the help of a cotton ball. Boil some fresh chopped neem leaves in water for 10 -15 minutes. Strain the water after it gets cool. Preserve this water and wash your boils again and again with this neem water. Regular application of neem easily solves the problem of boil.

Indian Lilac (Neem)

4. Basil and Honey:

Basil is another effective natural product for boil. Grind some fresh basil leaves to paste. Add a few drops of honey in this paste. Mix well and apply that on your infected skin. Both basil and honey has antibacterial and antiseptic property which kills the boil creating bacteria.

Basil and Honey

5. Turmeric:

Turmeric is a common spice which contains antibacterial and antimicrobial property. Grind some turmeric to paste. Apply it all over your skin 30-40 minutes before going to take bath. After that, wash it with the help of any mild soap. Practice this method every alternate day. It helps a lot to get rid of summer boil.


6. Baking Soda:

The boils do not get cured totally unless you remove the pus from the boils. Some boils are very hard and thick and takes a good time to get burst. For this reason take the helps of baking soda. Mix baking soda and water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your boils as long as possible. This baking soda helps to burst the boil. After that, remove the pus and clean the area with some diluted antiseptic lotion to prevent septic. When the pus is removed, the boils get dry and gradually vanished away.

baking soda

7. Garlic:

Garlic has antibacterial property which helps to kill boil creating bacteria. Crush some garlic to paste. Apply this raw garlic paste on your boils. You may also apply garlic oil. Both are same effective. Fry some crushed garlic in coconut oil. Now pour a few drops of this hot (Which you can tolerate) garlic oil on boils. Regular application of hot oil helps to burst opens the boil, pus is removed and gradually it dries down. Garlic is really beneficial for boils.


Follow these remedies. Drink adequate amount of water daily to keep your body toxin free. Eat healthy foods to enhance immunity of your body. All these measures will help you to get rid of bolls quickly. But, if the problem aggravates, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.