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Top 7 Natural Ways Of Facial Care

Facial Care

There is a saying that “health is wealth” and to do so it is very important to take care of the overall health. On the overall, skin plays an important role in the human health welfare as it covers the whole body parts. The face plays an important role in our body’s skin because it is the outer reflection of a person’s personality to the outer world. So we need to take very good care of our facial skin in order to avoid different allergies and infections in the day-to-day life.

Here Are 7 Natural Ways Of Facial Care:

Aloe Vera

This plant is a rich source of amino acids, enzymes, hormones and minerals. The plant has also immune stimulating and collagen synthesis properties that are very efficient for the skin care. People can make juice from the inner leaves of this plant and should drink it 2 times a day to boost the resistance capacity of the body to fight any kinds of infection. On the other way they can mix 1 cup of water with a few leaves of Aloe Vera and should make a paste. Then this paste should be applied 2 times per day, to glow the facial skin.

Aloe Vera


This plant contains diuretic properties along with uterine tonic that are very helpful for any kind of skin care. You need to extract the gum or the powder resins from this plant and should dilute it before use. This can be applied on the face 2 times a day when you have severe face allergies to get smooth effects. On the other way you can use the tincture of this plant as tea in the morning hours to get bright face through the day.


Juniper Berries

The berries are very useful when we use them or their oils directly. These are also called as the skin-tonic because it increases the blood flow in the skins. When you are getting any kind of irritation on your face, you need to massage this berry oil to get relief. On the other hand you can directly take a few amounts of berries as medicines when you experience swelling face due to cold and congestion. Anyhow you need to remember, that the berries should not be crushed or ground at any cost for the use as it will lose its essential oils.

Juniper berries

Lemon Grass

This herb is quite popular in the households because it is widely used in the soups and in curries. You can use the lemon grass tea in the evening hours to remove all the sebum gland’s secretions from the skins. As a result of which the facial skin becomes out of trouble for any kinds of foreign body’s infections. On the other way when you get any kind of burns or scar on your face you can apply lemon grass paste on those areas to reduce the burns or to remove the scars.

Lemon grass

Things To Remember

Wash The Face

Before you go to your night’s sleep, always wash your face with natural face washer with cool water to get good tone of your facial skin. For this you can use oatmeal and hazel mixture.

wash the face

Exfoliate The Skin

Try to exfoliate your facial skin time to time to remove all kinds of dead cells from your face. As a result, new cells will rejuvenate and it will take of all your wrinkles and fine lines. To exfoliate the skin, you can use turmeric and sandalwood paste in your home.

Exfoliate the skin

Regular Exercise

You need to do regular physical activities like sports and exercise to remove toxin from the skins. Apart from this you need to avoid excess sugar to lessen the chances of wrinkles and skin sags on the face.

Rigorous exercise