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Top 7 Sure Methods To Cure Edema

Cure Edema

Edema is a sin problem that mainly occurs due to the excessive presence of fluid beneath the skin. This leads to swelling of the particular area. Edema can occur in any part of the body such as hands, legs, feet, ankles, arms as well as face.  It is very necessary to treat the problem of Edema in a natural manner. The shiny skin is to be treated with home remedies that do not pose any kind of side effects. Due to improper diet as well as many other reasons, this kind of problem can take place. Below are some of the best remedies to cure the problem of Edema.

Here Are 7 Sure Methods To Cure Edema:

Daily Exercise To Handle Edema

Exercises are always better to handle problems such as Edema. By doing a perfect set of exercises, the entire fluid in the body can be regulated easily and will move back towards heart. Various kinds of exercises such as stretching and other activities can easily provide best kinds of results.  Proper kinds of activities can also be done in the swimming pool. This will help to force the body fluid to go back to the bladder.

Daily Exercise

Using Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is now very famous for treating all kinds of skin problems. There are lots of health problems, which can be easily solved at the same time. By regular intake of herbal tea, it becomes very easy to handle the problem of Edema. It mainly functions as diuretic. Drinking herbal tea around three times a day can really cure the problem of Edema.

herbal tea

Using  Flax Seed

Flax seed is also supposed to treat edema problem from the root. It can be taken in different forms. There are various numbers of ways to eat flax seeds. This can be sprinkled on a salad or can also be used with oatmeal. It is scientifically proven to use flax seed in reducing the effects of Edema.

flax seed

Using Mustard Oil

Mustard oil acts as a unique kind of oil that is used in cooking as well as massaging purpose. Other kinds of oils can also be used, but mustard oil is the most powerful one in reducing the swelling of the Edema. It is available in most of the home and can be used to massage the affected area. The swelling will be reduced at a faster rate.

Using mustard oil

Intake Of Coriander Seed Tea

Coriander seeds are very helpful in treating problems such as Edema in feet. These seeds must be boiled in water and then must be used as hot tea for best results. It will definitely help to reduce the effects of Edema at a very faster rate. This will also diminish edema from the feet. Other kinds of tea can also be prepared in order to treat Edema.

coriander seed tea

Intake Of Fresh Cucumber

Fresh cucumber is used in many herbal medicines as this is very perfect in solving much of the issue. Person suffering from Edema must make sure to eat a whole cucumber on a daily basis. The healing properties of the same must be used to heal Edema.  It mainly helps to remove the toxins from the entire body. Water retention effect is also reduced, which has caused due to Edema.

fresh cucumber

Dandelion Tea

Boil one cup of water and then add two teaspoon of fresh dandelion leaves to the warm water. Let it steep for about five minutes before you drink this solution. Dandelion leaves are extremely nutritious and contain plenty of vitamins as well as minerals. You can make use of this remedy for a month or two, which in turn gives you a superb result to cure the problem of Edema.

Dandelion Tea