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Top 8 DIY Quick Tips To Solve Excessive Body Sweating

Sweating is one of the natural excretory processes of the body. Excess salts and toxins of the body are removed through sweat and perspiration. Body sweating is a natural process to keep your body cool. But, excessive sweating is bad for health as it drains out the necessary salts and other minerals from your body. Moreover, excessive sweating is an embarrassing thing because it leaves stain on your clothing and created body odor.

In medical term excessive sweating is named as hyperhidrosis and it is a disorder. Causes of excessive sweating may be many – obesity, thyroid problem, anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, menopause, pregnancy, alcoholism, smoking, intake of junk food, lack of hygiene, etc. Though this problem is not at all fatal, it should be removed as early as possible if you do not want to get embarrassed in front of others.

This Article Will Give You A Few Natural Tips To Get Rid Of This Problem Very Quickly:

1. Epsom Salt:

To get rid of excess sweating the most common and easiest way is frequent shower especially when you are living in a hot and humid place. Mix little amount of Epsom salt in your bath water. This Epsom salt helps to control secretion of sweat glands. Bathe twice or thrice a day in Epsom salt mixed water and soon get rid of excessive sweating.

Epsom Salt

2. Sandalwood Paste:

Sandalwood paste is an excellent product to get rid of sweating. Mix sandalwood paste and water to make a thin paste of it. Apply it on your whole body especially on armpits, area in between thighs, forehead, etc. leave the paste to get dry and then wash with plenty of cool water. It helps a lot to keep your body dry as sandalwood has antiperspirant power. Moreover, sandalwood has antibacterial property which kills sweat creating bacteria. In this way sandalwood also saves you from a bad body odor.

As sandalwood is coarse in nature, it also helps to exfoliate your skin. For this reason it helps to cleanse your body intensely. Regular application of sandalwood is necessary to get rid of over sweating.

Sandalwood Paste

3. Witch Hazel:

Witch hazel is a great astringent and antiperspirant. Boil some fresh with hazel leaves in water. After that let it cool and strain the water. Give your body a final rinse with this water. It helps to dries up sweating prone areas by reducing the secretion of sweat glands. Use it daily to get the benefit.

Witch Hazel

4. Lemon Juice:

Lemon juice is an excellent natural product to get rid of excessive sweating. As it is acidic in nature, it helps to cleanse your body intensely by removing grease and sweat from the upper most layer of the skin. It also helps to regulate the secretion of sweat gland when it penetrates in the skin. Take a bucket of cool water. Squeeze one lemon in it. Mix well and take a bath in this lemon water. Practice this method daily. You will get the benefit.

Lemon Juice

5. Green Tea:

Take a cup of boiling water and soak two green tea bags for 5-10 minutes. Remove the bags. Mix this liquor with another cup of plain water. Leave it in the refrigerator to get cool. After completing your bath pat your skin dry. After that, massage this tea liquor on your whole body. Let your skin absorb the tea liquor. Tannic acid present in black tea contains astringent and antiperspirant properties. They provide relief from excessive sweating.

Green Tea

6. Cucumber and Fuller’s Earth:

Cucumber has antiperspirant and astringent properties. Take one cucumber, do not peel it and cut it into pieces. Add them into the grinder. Cucumber contains one enzyme which helps to regulate body sweating. Grind the cucumber into paste. Mix little amount of fuller’s earth in the cucumber paste. This mud not only works as a binder, it also keeps your skin dry removing the grease and dead cell from the uppermost layer of the skin. Both cucumber and fuller’s earth help to keep your body cool.

Cucumber and Fuller’s Earth

7. Mint Ice Cubes:

Mint ice cube is one of the most effective products for body sweating. To make it you need to crush some fresh mint leaves to get juice. Mix one tablespoon mint juice in a glass of water. Mix well. Use it to make ice cubes. Rub this ice cubes all over your body especially on sweat prone area. Mint juice has a cooling effect and the antiperspirant property of mint juice helps to reduce sweating.

Moreover, the antibacterial, antifungal and anti microbial property of mint juice helps to kill odor creating bacteria and it also saves your skin from various skin related problems like acne, blackheads, boils, etc. Use it daily twice or thrice to get relief from excessive sweating.

Mint Ice Cubes

8. Chick Pea powder, Rice Powder and Lavender Oil:

Take 1 cup finely ground chickpea powder, 2 tablespoons rice powder and a few drops of lavender oil in a container. Mix water to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste all over your body. Leave it to get dry. Then wash your body. While washing just massage your body gently. This will help to remove excess sweat, dirt, grease and dead skin from your skin so that it can breathe properly.

The beautiful smell of lavender will linger for a long time and will give you a refreshing feeling. Moreover, lavender oil saves your skin from sweat related problems like acne, rash, boils, etc. due to its antibacterial property.

Chick Pea powder, Rice Powder and Lavender Oil

Follow these measures sincerely. Take shower twice or thrice daily in ample cool water to keep your body cool. Drink adequate water to keep your body cool internally. Keep eating fresh fruits and vegetables to supply the needed amount of minerals because minerals play a vital role in the body and we lose a good amount of mineral through sweating.

Stay away from oily food, junk food, smoking and alcohol because these foods actually aggravate sweating. Wear cotton cloth always in hot and humid weather because cotton cloth allows air circulation inside your garments and helps to keep your body cool and dry. All these methods will help you to get rid of excessive sweating.