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Top 9 DIY Tips On Skin Care Routine With Food Waste

Skin is the biggest organ of our body. It really needs a regular routine care to keep it problem free. You will look beautiful automatically if you have beautiful shiny and spotless skin. A beautiful skin is your best makeup. But, it is not always possible for everyone to spend money to buy expensive cosmetics or to buy costly services especially in this expensive modern world. But, you may wonder to know that simple food wastes at your home may do wonder to bring a radiant glow on your skin and regular uses of these left over foods and kitchen waste keeps your skin problem free. They are highly suitable for all types of skin and especially for sensitive skin.

This Article Will Offer You A Few Tips To Use That Food Waste For The Benefit Of Your Skin:

1. Left Over Bread:

It is a quite natural scene that we get puzzled with left over bread at our home. Maximum time we throw them to the dustbin. But, before throwing them in the dustbin, just tear them into small pieces and soak them in cold milk for 5-10 minutes to get soft. Then mash them and apply them on your skin. Massage them gently in a roundabout way. It is a mild cleanser.

It serves to cleanse your skin intensely without making it dry. Moreover, wheat provides nourishment to your skin, protects your skin from sun damage, promotes skin elasticity and along with milk it keeps your skin soft and supple. You can use this product as your daily cleanser.

Left Over Bread

2. Excess Rice:

You can also use left over rice for your skin. Take a handful of this rice and spread them under direct sunlight for a whole day. It will make your rice dry. Grind this rice to fine powder. Mix this rice powder either with milk or yogurt. Massage it on your skin for 5-6 minutes.

It is an excellent scrubber which scrubs out dirt, grease and dead skin from your skin. Regular scrubbing with this rice powder helps to enhance the glow of the skin. You can also use micro oven to dry the rice instead of direct sunlight.

Excess Rice

3. Used Tea Bags:

Before throwing your used tea bag especially if they are of green tea, just re-soak them in hot water. Leave them in hot water for 10-15 minutes and then strain the liquor. Instead of tea bag you can also use used tea leaves in the same process. Now your excellent astringent is ready. Keep the liquor in the refrigerator.

Apply them on your skin with the help of a cotton ball or you can simply spray it on your skin. But do not wipe. Just allow your skin to absorb the liquid. Regular application of this tea astringent helps to improve the texture of the skin, boost the immune system of the skin, protects your skin from sun damage and maintains the elasticity of the skin.


4. Used Coffee Beans:

After making your coffee do not throw away the coffee beans in the dustbin. Coffee beans contain caffeic acid which boost collagen production and keeps your skin youthful for a long time. Take a teaspoon used coffee beans. Mix it with honey or yogurt and apply it on your skin. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then gently rub your skin in a roundabout way.

It enhances the blood flow on your skin and enhances its brightness. Coffee beans are rich in anti-oxidants which reverse the damaging effects of free radicals in our body. Once a week, or twice a week coffee bean treatment is needed to keep your skin youthful.

Used Coffee Beans

5. Lemon Peel:

If you have dark and tanned skin and want to make your skin fair use lemon peel for this purpose. Crush some lemon peel into paste. Add a few drops of milk in this paste. Mix well and massage that on your skin. Leave it for some times and then wash with plenty of cold water. Lemon peel contains acetic acid which works as a natural bleaching agent.

Peel Of Lemon

6. Orange Peel:

If you want to enhance the natural glow and brightness of the skin, then there is perhaps no alternate than orange peel. After eating the fruit do not throw away the peel. Sundry them till they turn brittle. Then grind them to powder. Mix a teaspoon of this powder in 2-3 tablespoons of unsweetened and unflavored yogurt. Massage it on your skin in a roundabout way for 2-3 minutes.

Leave it for further 5-6 minutes and then wash it with plenty of normal water. If you have freshly peeled orange skin, then, soak them in water and grind them to paste. After that, use them in the same process.


7. Potato Peel:

Potato is one of the daily used vegetable at most of our home. After peeling the potato add the peel in a blender. Add little amount of milk powder and corn flour in it. Blend them to paste. Apply this paste on your face and neck and leave it for 20-25 minutes. After that, wash with water.

Practice this method every alternate day. It helps to remove suntan effectively and makes your skin fair and glowing.

Potato Peel

8. Cucumber Peel:

Cucumber peel is an excellent thing for your skin. Peel your cucumber. Before eating this vegetable we generally cut a little portion from two extreme points of cucumber. Take that portion also. Add everything in a blender and blend to a paste. Mix a little amount of chickpea powder in it.

Mix well and apply that on your skin. Regular application of this product on your skin helps to cleanse yours skin, tones it and saves your skin from acne and pimples.

Cucumber Peel

9. Banana Peel:

Banana is one of the most common fruit that we eat at our breakfast. After eating the fruit keep the peel in the refrigerator. Rub the inner side of the peel on your skin especially when you have spots and blemish on your skin. After rubbing it on your skin allow your skin to absorbs the vitamins and nutrients from your skin. After that just wash your skin with plenty of water.

Regular application of banana peel protects your skin from UV rays of the skin, makes it spotless and removes premature wrinkles from your skin. Practice this method daily. You will get the benefit.

Banana Peel

Follow these methods sincerely. Along with keep drinking 8-10 glasses of daily to flush out toxins from your body. Eat healthy to make your body healthy internally. Do some free hand exercises daily. This not only enhances blood flow in your body. It also helps to absorb nutrients from food better.