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Top 9 Foods That Are More Nutritious Raw

Top 9 Foods That Are More Nutritious Raw

 More Nutritious Raw

We all eat food after cooking it well. Properly cooked food is good for health. Cooking destroys the harmful ingredients like microorganisms present in food and makes it fit for eating purposes. It increases the nutrient value of a food. However, some foods can be eaten raw in an uncooked form. Raw foods are very healthy for us. We need different nutrients for improving our health. Nutrients are often finished by cooking some foods. The heat damages the nutrients and we don’t get benefit by eating such foods. Raw food does not undergo processing so it does not contain any harmful ingredients. We will discuss some healthy raw foods here. Following are the top 8 foods that are more nutritious raw.

Top 9 Foods That Are More Nutritious Raw:


Salt is a common ingredient used in most foods. Raw salt is better than cooked or heated salt as it has higher amounts of nutrients. Cooking and heating the salt destroys nutrients present in it. It can even make the salt toxic. Raw Himalayan salt is very good for health. Table salt is not good as it undergoes treatment and this can be harmful.

Salt Treatment


It is best to eat the nuts in a raw form. It helps in reducing bad cholesterol in our body. It improves the condition of arteries and prevents formation of blood clots. Avoid roasting nuts on high heat. Enjoy them raw.



Fruits are healthy for us and they contain many nutrients and antioxidants in it. The fruits help in preventing diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and cancer. They help in preventing diseases and improving health. Berries prevent memory loss caused by aging. Citrus fruits contain Vitamin C. It is best to eat fruits in raw form. Cooked fruits don’t contain many nutrients.



Broccoli is known for its anti-cancerous properties. The vegetable contains a nutrient called sulforaphane, which prevent and treat cancer. Raw broccoli contains more amount of sulforaphane than cooked vegetable. Cooking destroys this nutrient in the vegetable. Thus, it is better to eat raw broccoli.



Carrot is a vegetable that can be eaten raw. It is a rich source of carotenoids, which helps in improving health. It is useful for preventing and treating arthritis, asthma and cancer. Enjoy carrots raw as a salad.


Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain many nutrients and antioxidants. The seeds help in satisfying the hunger and preventing overeating, which controls the problem of obesity. The seeds should be taken in a raw form. Dip the seeds in little amount of water. It is better to eat chai seeds after soaking it raw. You can also grind the raw chia seeds and then eat it. It will help in absorbing omega 3 fats present in the seeds.

chia seeds

Vegetable Juice

Drinking raw vegetable juice is very beneficial for health. Readymade store bought juice lacks essential nutrients as the juice is pasteurized. Many artificial additives like preservatives and color are added to juice and this can be very harmful. Thus, it is best to drink raw homemade vegetable juice.

Vegetable Juices


Tomato is a vegetable with many nutrients in it in a raw form. The vegetable has very less amount of calories so it is an ideal weight loss food. You can enjoy raw tomato as a salad. Raw cherry tomatoes are also good for health.



The health benefits of garlic are known to everyone. Garlic is good for the health of heart. It prevents many types of diseases. Allicin in garlic has medicinal properties. Raw garlic contains high amounts of allicin, which is destroyed on cooking it. Thus, you should eat raw garlic for best results.

Garlic Extract