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Top 9 Natural Ways To Stop Snoring

Stop Snoring

Snoring is a very common problem with human beings. It happens when we can’t breathe properly because of blockage of the nose or mouth during sleeping. When people start snoring, a vibrating sound comes from the mouth and throat. It creates a problem for the people who are sleeping near-by. It can lead to poor sleep and other irritations. It occurs because of many reasons like extra fat and over weight of the body, drinking alcohol before going to sleep, any type of throat infection, cold and allergy, sinus, bad sleeping posture, blockage of the airway, etc.

Here Are Top 9 Natural Ways To Stop Snoring

Change Your Sleep Position

Different sleeping posture is the main cause of occurring snoring. Correcting sleeping position is a very effective solution to stop snoring naturally. It gives relaxation to the tongue and back wall of the throat. If you sleep on your back, then you should use extra pillows for head support. For avoiding snoring, it is good to sleep either on left side or right side.

Change Your Sleep Position

Weight Loss

Extra fat around the neck blocks the airways and hence may lead to snoring. Losing weight will help you to reduce the extra fat of the body, and the extra fatty tissue from the nose and throat gets reduced. As a result of this snoring gets stopped.

Aids in Weight Loss

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is very effective to stop snoring naturally. Doing thirty minutes exercise every day is helpful to keep your body fit. It helps in toning of throat muscle and gives a good sleeping experience throughout the night time.

Regular Exercise

Avoid Alcohol And Sleeping Pills

Drinking alcohol and taking sleeping pills before going to sleep is very harmful for the body and worsen the case of snoring problem. Alcohol and sleeping pills give stress and slow down the blood flow process, which is very harmful for the body. Hence, the consumption of alcohol and sleeping pills must be avoided.

Avoid Alcohol And Sleeping Pills

Gargle With Mouthwash Or Warm Water

Gargling is helpful to stop snoring that happens due to cold or any other type of throat allergies. It is helpful to open blocked nose and throat that causes snoring. You may use warm water and mint mouthwash for the gargling purpose.

Gargle With Mouthwash

Stop Smoking

There is a very high chance to occurring snoring because of the smoking habit. Smoking irritates the throat walls and blocks the air way. Due to this, snoring occurs. To avoid snoring, you must stop smoking as soon as possible.

Stop Smoking

Avoid Heavy Meals

Before going to sleep, people should avoid  taking heavy meals. Dairy products contain cholesterol that is not good for health. We should not take dairy products before two-three hours going to sleep. We should follow the routine of taking meals every day. Heavy meal is the cause of snoring during sleep.

Avoid heavy meals

Take Steam Before Going To Sleep

Dry air may irritate the nose and throat, and snoring occurs due this. Taking steam can provide moisture to your nose and throat, so as to cure the problem of snoring. Take some hot water in a bowl and cover your head with a towel and take some deep breaths of the vapor coming out from the hot water. Doing so will open the air passage and stops snoring.

Steam Inhalation

Mustard Oil Massage

Massaging your body with mustard oil can remove the nasal air passage block. Mustard oil has the property to cure cold, cough, etc. and it can be used when you have the problem of snoring due to cold. Take some mustard oil and warm it, and let it cool to the normal temperature. Now you can massage your entire body through this warm oil to cure the problem of snoring.

Mustard Oil Massage