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Top Seven Uses Of Clove Oil

Uses Of Clove Oil

Clove oil is the oil got from cloves and this spice is known for its medicinal properties. These medicinal properties make clove oil useful in treating several health issues and some of those are listed below. However, this oil is extremely strong and one must use only one or two drops of it, else it could cause a burning sensation.

Top Seven Uses Of Clove Oil:

1. Clove Oil Can Help During Gingivitis

Clove oil relieves pain and can also be effective on the infection that’s common during gingivitis. So applying one or two drops of clove oil can be useful in handling the problems that come with gingivitis.


2. Clove Oil To Get Rid Of Dental Plaque

Most dental health concerns crop up because of the formation of dental plaque. This plaque formation can be controlled by using a few drops of clove oil everyday by using it to rub teeth and gums.

Dental Plaque

3. Clove Oil Can Bring Down Inflammation

A clove oil massage is said to be effective in case of inflammation that’s common in conditions such as arthritis. This can also help those who are suffering from sore muscles after a long work-out.


4. Clove Oil To Cure A Stuffy Nose

A stuffy nose is extremely uncomfortable and needs an expectorant to push out the phlegm. A few drops of clove oil added to lukewarm water can make a healthy natural expectorant.

Stuffy Nose

5. Cloves to cure throat infections

Throat infections happen mainly because of the bacteria and infection in the throat that rapidly spreads. It is said that gargling with lukewarm water containing a few drops of clove oil can get relief from an itchy throat.

throat infections

6. Cloves To Cure Intestinal Worms

Two or three drops of clove oil mixed with lukewarm water can be effective on intestinal worms if taken by an adult for 2 to 3 weeks.

Intestinal Worms

7. Cloves To Cure Flatulence 

A few drops of clove oil mixed with water is said to give relief in case of gas or bloating. Clove oil is said to increase certain enzyme secretions that can be effective in curing gas and flatulence.

Cure Flatulence