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Top Sure Methods To Cure Baldness



Hair loss is one of the major problems in all age groups for both male and female. People are very much disturbed because of the problem of their hair loss or baldy head. Change in place, water, weather, and even food are the main cause of hair loss. People hesitate to go out with their baldness problem, and they feel uncomfortable for this reason. There are many natural ways to control hair loss. Usually, people lose their hair for neglecting the hair-loss problem in its initial stage. Study says baldness also comes from hereditary. Both men and women are facing this problem for so many years and yet there is no particular remedy to cure this problem. However, natural treatments are the best ways to stop hair loss without causing any side-effect. Below are top six natural remedies to cure the problem of baldness.

Here Are The Top 6 Sure Methods To Cure Baldness:

Use Of Massage Therapy To Treat Hair Loss

Massage the skin under the hair on your head for about 10 minutes. Doing this everyday will activate your blood cells. This is a very simple and best treatment for hair loss problem. Head massage can improve the hair growth and blood flow to hair follicles. The use of separate towel and soap can also help people with hair loss. After bath, people should dry their hair properly by using washed towel or use hair dryers.


Use Of Oil Massage To Avoid Baldness

Oil massage can help people with hair loss. Take a bowl and put four ounces of oval nut oil, six drops each of lavender and baby oil. Apply this mixture oil on the scalp, and massage for about 30 minutes. Keep doing this process every day for a period of one month, as it will definitely help you from hair loss problem. Oil massage treatment is one of the oldest treatments for hair loss.

oil massage

Use Of Aloe Vera For Hair Loss

People are using pricey shampoo to control the problem of hair loss. However, they can prepare shampoo with naturally available things. Aloe Vera is a substance that contains several vitamins and minerals. The gel present in the Aloe Vera plant can be taken out for the use. To prepare shampoo, take a fresh sap of Aloe Vera in a bowl and put six to eight drops of coconut milk. Mix it properly and now the shampoo is ready to use. It will surely provide you some perfect results.

Aloe Vera

Use Of Onion Juice To Prevent Hair Loss And Baldness

People can use onion juice for hair loss treatment. This is one of the simplest treatments for hair loss. Rub and squeeze the onion juice so that the root of your hair absorbs it. Leave it for three minutes and take a bath with mild hot water. This is a very useful treatment for hair loss. It is good to use fresh onion for this treatment. Sharing things like towels, pillows and caps can be one of the reasons for hair loss. So, try to avoid doing such things and take a safety measure to cure baldness.

onion juice

Use Of Lemon And Pepper To Stop Hair Fall

This is the most preferred technique to treat hair loss. Take black pepper seeds and a lemon to make a paste from it. Apply this paste on the bald surface of the head. This solution is very effective in solving the problem of hair loss.


Natural Juices

Carrot juice, spinach juice and alfalfa juice are some of the natural medicines to overcome from the problem of hair loss. Leave it for some hours and wash it carefully in the morning, while taking bath. Follow this technique for a month to see a positive result.

natural juices


Cure Baldness