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Use Of Castor Oil Enema In The Treatment Of Constipation

Use Of Castor Oil Enema In The Treatment Of Constipation

Castor oil has been widely used in hair and beauty treatments and has immense therapeutic value. Its use as a laxative is known to most of us. It is widely used in the treatment of constipation. Taking one or two tablespoons by mouth as a laxative is easy and practiced widely; of course doctor’s guidance is essential. Use of castor oil as enema can be a cumbersome task. Mentioned below is a simple method of administering castor oil as enema and the benefits of castor oil in the form of a laxative.

Administering Castor Oil As Enema:


Take a about 2 tablespoons of warm castor oil (its temperature needs to be around 103Faranheit) and two tablespoons of water .



Mix the two together thoroughly. It is important to use lukewarm oil so that it is absorbed by the colon. Oil enema should be done on a full stomach ideally after lunch or between 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Next take an enema kit. You can take enema bags or bulb syringe. Fill the solution into the enema bag or syringe. Let the patient lie down in a relaxed position. The nozzle should be inserted into the anus and the administrator can now let the enema flow from the syringe into the rectum. Let the fluid remain for sometime then pass it out into the toilet.


Benefits Of Castor Oil Enema:

Castor oil enema has several benefits the most important being it gives relief from constipation. Castor oil has ricinoleic acid which helps in giving relief from constipation by helping in removing the feces as stools. It is also effective in prevention of absorption of liquids which facilitates easier passage of stools. It makes the stools soft which again gives relief from constipation. It is an effective cure for gas, bloating and hyperacidity. Castor oil is effective on both the small as well as the large intestine.

Benefits Of Castor Oil Enema


Though castor oil enema has several benefits just a word of caution that castor oil enema should be used as the last resort as it can aggravate the problem with profound use. Should be avoided for heart patients. Not at all recommended for patients who have undergone surgery of rectum or colon. It should not be given to children. Always use it as per doctor’s advice.


So next time you have a regular complaint of severe constipation then reach out for castor oil enema but after seeking doctor’s advice.