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Vital 9 DIY Ways To Overcome Heat Stroke In Extreme Heat Conditions

Heat Stroke and Exhaustion are Common Phenomenon in Places where Temperatures Frequently hover above 40 degrees or More. Heat waves Usually increase between Mornings and Late afternoons and Stepping out in This time Enhances Risk of Heat stroke. Constant exposure to Heat spikes Body temperatures making One more prone to Heat Stroke. This can Affect everyone but is More Common amongst Young Children and Elderly. When temperature rises, Body Initates Cooling down process which can take time keeping Age factor in Mind. The longer the Cooling takes more Dangerous Heat stroke becomes for Fever which may cross 104 degree celsius.

Heat Stroke becomes Identifiable by Signs like Nausea, Seizures, Sudden Disorientation, Heat, Muscle cramps, Dehydration, Rapid Heart Beat, Dry and Hot skin. Its vital to contain Heat stroke at Earliest for limiting Damage to Brain and Organs. Brain health is Essentila to Manage Central nervous System therefore any harm to This can have Grave Consequences. Weather and Certain Ailments like Mental Illness, Kidney, Heart disease, High blood Pressure, Fever and Loss of Fluid  may play role in elevating Heat stroke. Heat stroke is Preventable and Curable by avoiding  Sun and Increasing Fluid intake. Lets know more ways to lead active life even in Summer.

Everyday Tips Best In Eliminating Heat Stroke Signs:

1. Avoiding Caffeinated Drinks:

Today most drinks use Caffeine For Improving taste. These drinks though Beneficial may Contribute to Increased fluid Loss causing Fluid imbalance. Fluid loss acts in Enhancing dehydration Increasing heat stroke making it Fatal. Its Best to Avoid Coffee or Caffeinated Drinks and substitute it with Fresh juice or Cool water for Overcoming Heat stroke.

Avoiding Caffeinated Drinks

2. Drinking Electrolyte Enriched Drink:

Salt balance is Essential for Maintainance of Normal skin, Energy and Temprature in Summer. Heavy Sweating is Common Phenomenon when Temperatures cross 40 degrees. This drains Salt from body making it More conducive to Heat stroke and its Signs.  Any recovery from Salt depletion can be faster when Salt enriched Sports drink is Consumed regularly. Its one way to Counter Heat stroke and Relieve its Signs. These qualites makes Sports drink must if one often goes out in Afternoon.

Drinking Electrolyte Enriched Drink

3. Doing Less Vigourous Exercises:

Exercise is good but in Summers excess Exercising in warm Conditions may Elevate body Temperatures. Any such overload Increases heat levels enhancing Fatigue which may lead to Heat  Stroke due to Heightened Temperatures. Heatstroke  can Affect more Athletes and Runners as it Involves doing activities in Daytime when heat is At its Peak. A new study suggests Staying and Practising in Same place 10- 14 days Prior to Event can Adjust Body temperatures reducing Fatigue and Overcoming Heat stroke. Any exercise should be Done in Early mornings or Late evenings to Keep Heat stroke at bay.

Doing Less Vigourous Exercises

4. Increasing Water Intake:

There is Connection between Hydration and Heat stroke. Extreme Heat propogates Dehydration making it Compulsory to Drink more water in Summer to Curb Heat Stroke. 8-10 Glasses of water Supplies body with Sufficient Hydration lowering chances of Heat stroke in Long run. It becomes Vital to Maintain hydration during Summer rather than other Season because Water gives Instant cooling, Brings down Temprature and lowers Sweating. Water should be Taken at regular intervals for Managing body Temperature which in Turn lower risk of Heat stroke.

Increasing Water Intake

5. Limiting Activites to Mornings:

A day which starts early Guarantees more Work during day. Temperatures are Relatively cooler in early Mornings and Late evenings thus making it best Time to do Gardening, Shopping or Any other Outdoor work. Its best possible way to Curb heat stroke and recover when one is Suffering from it.Staying Indoors in Afternoons.

Limiting Activites to Mornings

6. Staying Indoors in Afternoons:

Morning air is Cooler In comparison to late Afternoons air. Sometimes our Schedule requires Going out at anytime of Day. In such situations limiting exposure to Heat and Coming back quickly can lower Signs of Heat stroke. Its best to Abstain from Going out between 11 am and 4 pm to curb heat wave signs.

Staying Indoors in Afternoons

7. Resting in Cool Place:

Its Important to Maintain Cool body in heat as Heat rises Temperatues making one more Heat stroke prone. Sometimes its unavoidable to Stay indoors during Day. In such situations, when Heat is at its peak, Resting under tree or any cool place for While automatically lowers Temperatures by 3- 5 degrees Reducing Overall Temperature and Overcoming Heat stroke. There is thinking that Placing Cool cloth on head can also Lower Temprature giving Instant Cooling and Relief in Excess heat.

Resting in Cool Place

8. Getting  Proper Acclamatisation:

One needs to Adjust to all weather Conditions but More Adjustment is Vital for Combating Extreme summer. Harsh Summer conditions of Excess heat, Humid affects health Adversely Increasing risk of heat stroke. Body needs time to Cope with Temperature flucutations and getting Acclamatised to Excess heat takes time and Patience. One good way to Curb Heat stroke would be Getting used to Such place and than going out.

Resting in Cool Place

9. Using Sunscreen Always:

Sunscreens are Barriers giving Skin optimum Protection over Harmful rays, Preserving Skin health. Sunburn can Happen because of One’s overexposure to high Temperatures. Skin Redness and Dryness is one amongst many Signs of Heat stroke. Most doctors reccomend using Sunscreen 0f Spf 40 or above to Boost Skin health and Limiting any skin Damage. Suncreen therefore becomes Mandatory if one wants to overcome Heat stroke and manage Healthy skin for Life.

Using Sunscreen Always

One can choose Place to live but Predicting weather in Never Possible. Summer has its own benefits as well as Disadvantages. An incorporaion of These healthy tips become Essential for everyone to Lower Body temperature to Curb Progression of Heat Stroke and Death related to it.