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3 Ways To Maintain Healthy Beautiful Eyes

Maintain Healthy Beautiful Eyes

Suffering from puffy eyes problem? Do dark circles bother you? Due to our hectic schedule, poor diet patterns, stress and anxiety, we often look tired, strained, and exhausted. Unfortunately, this is all reflected from our face, especially the eyes. The skin in the area is sensitive and thin which causes it to flare up really fast due to poor sleep, diet, stress, fatigue and exhaustion. There are many natural remedies which can reduce under eye puffiness, dark circles and tired eyes.

Here Are Some Of The Best And Most Effective Home Treatments:

Potatoes For Puffy Eyes

Potatoes are richly loaded with corn starch that have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps in getting rid of under eye bags and puffiness. A small size peeled potato is needed,  washed well and completely dried. Next, this needs to be grated and pulp wrapped in a cotton cloth. It should be folded like poultice and placed over the eyelids. It needs to be there for at least 30 minutes. If the process is repeated everyday, puffy eyes will vanish.

Potatoes For Puffy Eyes

Metallic Spoons For Eye Redness And Puffiness

You need four simple metallic spoons and put them into the freezer for at least an hour, till it is well chilled. You can also place these metallic spoons in ice water if freezer is not possible. When completely chilled, you can place a spoon on each eye. You just need to follow the contour of the eye socket. The cool temperature of the spoons helps to constrict the blood vessels that help in decreasing eye redness and also puffiness. Continue till the swelling or redness subsides.

Spoons For Eye Redness And Puffiness

Egg Whites For Tighter Under Eye Skin

Does your under eye skin look wrinkled or tired? Egg whites work wonderfully well to make the skin smoother and tighter. It acts as an astringent which tightens the skin. It is also rich in riboflavin and vitamin B2 which helps in improving blood circulation. To prepare the eye pack, you need to beat at least three egg whites until stiff and forms little peaks. Then can be applied to the under-eye area with the help of a brush. Let it dry for twenty minutes and rinse well. This will tighten your under eye skin, reduce wrinkles and offer a fresh look.

Egg White

Are you aware of any other home remedy for beautiful eyes?